No one's mentioned it so here goes.

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Cuddles, Jan 14, 2011.

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  1. Well they laid poor Nigel Pargeter to rest today - a living (?) testament to the fact the producers of Radio 4's The Archers just don't "get it". The hymns were excellently chosen and the eulogy struck a nice note. However the "conversation bites" in the back ground just showed how far removed from village life the BBC bosses are.

    When somebody as popular as Nigel Pargeter was in Ambridge dies, the village has a day off. frankly it is almost like a state funeral. The prospect of big eats and drinks and some nostalgia usually brings my village to a shuddering halt and that's for a middle ranking village character. If the fellow from the big house goes, then book a duvet day following on because the hangovers would be criminal!

    Despite the pathos of the funerary rites, it still seems bizarre that the producers/script-writers opted to terminate the lad from Lower Locksley with extreme prejudice. I guess his being a toff will have helped promote him up the "who is going to get it in the neck this time" short-list.

    The thing which has amused me most is the "scream" as he fell to his doom. there is a formula which determines how far someone would have to have fallen to produce a scream of a certain length. Apparently Nigel's tour de force "Cheerio R4 listeners and thanks for the gig" cry of horror would have required a fall from 400 or so feet. This would have meant Lower L. was substantially bigger than ******* Blenheim Palace! If only he had worn a parachute that fateful night!
  2. Agreed. I remember ITVs coverage of Shadrach Dingle's untimely passing being sensitively handled and carefully demonstrated the experience of shared grief that so often exists when a village loses one of their own. The BBC must learn that when a village loses one of their own, it is like losing a family member, albeit one who they barely acknowledged when alive. Sort of like an uncle with a fondness for children.
  3. Whatever happened to Mr. Papadopolous ogf Coronation Street?
  4. But why kill someone off just because it is an anniversary of the programme? it was just pandering to sensationalism in my view.

    Have the health and safety bods turned up yet to investigate, and who do they try to convict if there is a case when the person responsible is the one who is killed?

    It will take a long time for me to be coerced back into the fold to listen again (though Mrs 06 insisting on listening to the omnibus edition may speed things up).
  5. In a bizarre case of life imitating art, I fell of the shed roof last weekend.
  6. Did you die?
  7. I'll have to check.
  8. If you did die, can I have your shed?
  9. I was quite an avid Archers fan and have listened to at least three or four episodes a week for many years, but they can
    shove it for slinging Nigel off the roof in a crap piece of writing that serves no useful purpose whatsoever and has killed off the most genuinely decent dramatic characters on radio or telly.

    I haven't listened to it since and can't think I ever will again as once you lose the habit of following a thing like that you rarely go back to it.

    **** 'em, they've made a big mistake and they've killed something much more fundamental than just one part.
  10. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    All is not lost. Just hang on in there for the spin-off in which Nigel goes rogue. He didn't really die, and that wasn't his (faceless, fingerprint-less) body in the coffin. No, he was recruited by an organisation within an organisation to fight crime, injustice and... yadda, yadda, yadda... but somewhere in the rebuilding of him something went wrong. And now he's out there, a man with a grievance, a lethal weapon with all the resources he needs at his disposal...

    [Note to Casting: Can we get Edward Woodward for this one? I think he'd be really rather good.]
  11. Memo to Cold Collation, cc: Casting

    Edward Woodward would be very suitable to play the dead Nigel Pargeter; being dead himself. That my friend is method acting taken to an extreme...
  12. Did he die of a roof allergy too?
  13. Ah, Loxleygate and the three and a half second scream of death, which would indeed make Loxley Hall the height of York Minster. Not unsurprisingly, the massed ranks of R4 listeners questioned this after a piece last week on "More or Less" (this afternoon at 2pm - not sure if it's I-Player or not).

    The explanation given, is that he started screaming as he slipped down the roof, before he entered the "freefall" period of his demise.

    There is a piece on YouTube apparently, that covers all the angles Cuddles. But having squarely set myself up for "nerd of the day", I feel that posting a link would be too much and that my days on ARRSE would finally be over.

    And yes, I need to get out. Not more, just out.
  14. BS - you ask a lot of questions...come up on the roof with me, I think it is time your need to know threshold was explained in a finite manner...
  15. I feel your pain but I lack your self preservative reserve...