NO one seems to know the answer to this

Discussion in 'RLC' started by ammosgt, Sep 4, 2010.

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  1. LSA quirey
    Could somebody who is in the know advise me on my issue:

    I have been promoted to Sgt and have moved out of the JNCO accomidation, i am Single living in.

    I have not been posted as i have been promoted in a PID at my duty station.

    I will be detached to another unit, of which i have moved my belongings to the mess there for the next 4 months.

    So therefore i have not got a room at my duty station.

    Does this mean i am entitled to LSA as i cannot return to my duty station at weekends/periods of rest etc

    Or because i got a room in the new mess, i wont be able to claim for it?

    Also is there anything else i can claim for?

    Your help would be much appriciated at my duty station is very small with no admin staff in work!
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  2. Have you considered talking to your Chief Clerk?
  3. She is not in, on long term sick Issi
  4. Best bet for you is to first of all get your Literacy Level 2 completed......
  5. **** off, **** and sort your own literacy out first.
  6. .... while dingerr does a bit of English Literature to improve his vocabulary!
  7. Lots of people know the answer; it is JSP 752 Chapter 5, however, that may not be the answer that the OP wants to hear ^_~
  8. Please tell me ammosgt that you are not an AT?

    Even my spellung is better than that.
  9. You could claim for your British Passport once you are entitled to one!

    Or were you born in the UK but educated "at home"?


    Either way, ask the question on the AGC/finance forum, if I wanted to buy a car I wouldn't go to a butchers...............
  10. Scottish actually, born and bred in Dundee
  11. well that explain's it all then !
  12. How about as a soldier deemed responsible enough to be a Senior you go talk to the people that know and not ask anyone and everyone on an internet forum?
  13. What is wrong with asking on here?
  14. '**** off, **** and sort your own literacy out first'

    Nothing dingerr, nothing at all!!!
  15. Leave the cunnt alone, he's suffering from Post Traumatic Tourettes.