NO one seems to know the answer to advise me on this!!

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by ammosgt, Sep 4, 2010.

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  1. LSA quirey
    Could somebody who is in the know advise me on my issue:

    I have been promoted to Sgt and have moved out of the JNCO accomidation, i am Single living in.

    I have not been posted as i have been promoted in a PID at my duty station.

    I will be detached to another unit, of which i have moved my belongings to the mess there for the next 4 months.

    So therefore i have not got a room at my duty station.

    Does this mean i am entitled to LSA as i cannot return to my duty station at weekends/periods of rest etc

    Or because i got a room in the new mess, i wont be able to claim for it?

    Also is there anything else i can claim for?

    Your help would be much appriciated at my duty station is very small with no admin staff in work!
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  2. you will not get LSA, unless the detachment is in a different theatre
  3. Has the Army become so bad that a Cpl promoted to Sgt has to ask for advice on arrse ?
  4. Why not? I receive LSA when I'm at Headley Court and my quarter is only 90 mins drive away.
  5. So you think i could get it Dingerr?
  6. I don't know, I'm not the expert. I was merely pointing out that Danny_Dravot was not entirely correct with his answer.
  7. Oh right cool, i need a expert! Surely this is the right place to get one!
  8. get on Dii, look up JSP 752, check rules for LSA and if you have an honest belief that it applies to you bung in a claim to your CHRS (give me strength!!) explaining why you are putting it in, you will definitely get the right answer then!!!
  9. IF you are paying for a room in your parent mess, then yes you can claim LSA, if you are assigned to the temporary unit, and not paying for your digs then i don't think you can. I think you can claim for travelling to and from your parent mess at weekends if thats where your official residence is. Go on rum ration or e-goat, the RAF and Navy clerks are all over what you can claim for, my experience with Army clerks is negative
  10. AmmoSgt,

    I know a lot of ATs are very intelligent but have little (or no) common sense, but you are taking the piss! How many threads have you got going asking this question?

    I hope you have remembered enough of what you have been taught to work out which wire to cut.:)

  11. You can apply for LSA if you cannot get back to your home Unit for at least 24 hours uninterupted per week. I've looked into this before and there aren't many places in the UK that you can't get to in this time over a weekend using trains. You can usually claim GYH instead if you can't get LSA which changes on how far you are from home but is nearly always less than LSA, as has been said have a look in the JSP it's actually pretty easy to workout what you're entitled to. If it's in there they have to give it to you but in my experience they will always do their very best to fob you off, so a print off the relevant paragraph probably wont go astray.
  12. think you get it if your detachment is over 50 miles from your parent station
  13. My detachment is over 50 miles, my argument is i cannot go bk there for over 24 hours because i have not been given a room there to stay, is this a sufficient arguement?
  14. Well done shiny by the way. Your the man! Realy cool and funny! The more threads spread over a wider audience the more chance of a accurate reply, also if a few people say the same thing its normally correct
  15. Why have you not got a room to go back to? I don't think that would be a viable excuse, if there is an empty room in the mess they can give it to you therefore saving the Army a lot of money, it's essentially a paperwork exercise of assigning your name to a computer spreadsheet I would have thought. If there isn't an empty room in the mess then you become entitled to SSSA if they can't accommodate you within a reasonable distance, and this would cost up to £1000 a month when the other allowances associated with it are taken into account, this is definitely something they don't do lightly.

    It's probably going to be GYH that you are entitled to which is better than a kick in the slats.