No-one likes a bully...

Now thats what I call a good slam dunk! And the little twat was ginger!!!
The bird pushing the gwah's mate aside was good as well. Good on yah 'fat bloke.'
top slam dunk chubbs, we need you in the TA...............


Book Reviewer
However this might give Jennitwowombs ideas.
#14 removed the vid the miserable gits.


Nah, she/he doesn't gonads.....had to write a thread about it rather then sort it out her/himself.
She should keep her chinook..I mean chin up.

Although if fatty had mistimed his body slam the bully could've ended up in a wheelchair for the rest of its life.

But as he was a ginger, would anybody really care?
Loved the look of absolute agony on the slammee's face as he staggered out of view. Fuck! that deserves a lol!
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