No one likes a bullpup

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Chuffingcivvy, Nov 28, 2011.

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  1. The French Famas can be converted to eject left or right but you do need to remove the bolt and swop the ejector, extractor and cheek piece over, takes about a minute with no tools.

    FAMAS - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  2. The French are looking to replace the FAMAS, its even older than the L85
  3. And better by most accounts ..
  4. If you ever play "Counter Strike" It's the most pants weapon ever. Unless you aimbot.
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  5. It certainly solves one of the major objections to a bullpup rifle. There's another ambidextrous bullpup design out too, can't recall the manufacturere at the mo, don't think they put it into production mind. Might have been magpul. Was discussed on here briefly a month or so back.
  6. Err I used the one that fired real 5.56`s not kids gaming CGI shite
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  7. Err, can't you take a bit of piss taking?
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  8. I think he was joking dear heart...

    Theres quite a few these days, things like the Isreali Tavour, Belgian FN 2000 and so P90.
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  9. FN 2000 and the US Kel Tec RFB 7.62NATO and uses Metric FAL Mags
    KEL-TEC RFB Rifle - YouTube

  10. Steyr AUG?
  11. Three ambidextrous bullpups in rifle calibres of which I am aware, of which two are in production
    FN Herstal's F2000
    Kel-tec's RFB
    and the non-firing-prototype-only Magpul PDR, which has been discussed on some thread previously - "Replacement for the SA80" or something like.
  12. They all seem rather over-complex though - this seems to be a simple, elegant solution.
  13. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    A solution the author Tony Williams has been banging on about for a few years. Interesting that the whole cheek piece moves over, I think just the forward half would be sufficient. But hey it's the guy's first ever design/protoype so kudos to him. Nice work.

  14. You come near me with a 5.56 calibre and I'll twat you with my SLR.

    When do we get paid this month?

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