No new kit for SCOTS

Discussion in 'Officers' started by montmorency, Oct 15, 2005.

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  1. I've heard a reasonably substanciated rumour that the Govermnent will not be changing the Uniform for the Royal Regiment of Scotland on account that they project the cost to be around 6m.

    I understand that everyone (including BW) will wear the capbadge and that No. 1's and No. 2's will be standardised because of considerations when the Regiment is on parade PD's etc.

    All the indications are though (from various RHQ's) that regimental traditions and ethos will stay. Does that mean that uniform not normally seem on parade will be allowed to remain, i.e. Friday Dress, Blue Patrols, Mess Kit etc.?
  2. How would no1s and no2s be standardised with out changing the uniform?
  3. Perhaps montmorency was referring to each Bn in the new RRS or SCOTS maintaining a little bit of identity/tradition by retaining some of their idiosyncratic forms of dress e.g., RHF 'Admin' dress for officers, Blue patrol with spats and dirk etc.

    Allowing officers and WOs/SNCOs to continue wearing their old regimental pattern mess dress/blue patrol etc on the grounds it would be cost prohibitive to change immediately might be thought sensitive. Unfortunately it would begin to look like a comic opera once cross postings kick in with a vengeance and do little to quickly establish a "One Regiment" mind set. I recall, years ago, a Royal Scot officer on an ERE posting who liked to wear spats in SD (the Royal Regiment do not) because he thought it "Looked nice." If the SCOTS do not immediately adopt a common uniform across the board I can imagine a lot more of that type of thing!
  4. I think this is duff rumour. Bn HQ's have now been issued with documents outlining the ordres of dress across the RRS, right down to, so i understand, st andrews blue facings on mess kit.