No Names No pack drills

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by drilly, Jan 23, 2009.

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  1. Can someone please explain where the saying "No names No pack drills" comes from and what it is all about?
  2. Pack-drill was a punishment given to soldiers in the British Army, requiring them to undertake drill (exercise) in full uniform and carrying a heavy pack.

    'No names, no pack-drill' is used to indicate that the names of those who have committed a misdemeanor will not be mentioned in order to spare them punishment.
  3. Or to spare the whole unit or sub-unit a collective punishment.
  4. I will always remember watching a Gurkha doing Pack Drill in their Barracks in Seria, Brunei.
    The tale was that on the flight down from Honkers he had indulged too much in the free booze that Royal Brunei gave out readily.
    After becoming very 'Vocal' an Officer from his Battalion, 10GR, told him to sit down and be quite, his retort was said to be 'Who You ?'
    It was very hot and the Lance Jack conducting the exercise did not spare the soldier.
    Our Gurks reckoned he had been very luck not to have been dismissed the service which would have cost him a living and pension.
  5. I thought that the Seria incident was only time I had seen Pack drill but memory dug up an event at Borden in 1967.
    I was awaiting course and put on Regimental police.
    Cut a long story short one of the 'regular' staff a full screw was assaulted one night while in bed by a guy who had it in for him for whatever reason.
    The villein was identified and a Posse sent to bring him in.
    The Provo Sgt was a Geordei, big lad and ex Regt. He lined us all up and said if I am not here when he's brought in NO ONE touches him or goes near him other then to throw him in his cell.
    The guy was brought in and later Provo Sgt came back.
    He went into the cell and screamed at the guy. I have never heard a noise like it before or since. He did not lay a finger on the guy but he left a nervous wreck in the cell when he came out.
    Now that guy a couple of weeks inside and did he ever pound up and down that square, FSMO, or whatever we called the old WW II webbing, all bulled up and brasses shining.
  6. From "Rank and File - Naval and Military Expressions and Their Origins":

    The phrase, conveying refusal to identify people in order to prevent the possible apportionment of blame, recalls an obsolete army punishment known as "Pack Drill", which involved marching up and down in full marching order. Figuratively, the expression means it is impossible to slander or libel someone whose name is unknown.

    Last time I saw pack drill was 1989 in Cyprus, where the Guards RPs in the Episkopi nick had SUS zapping about camp in No 2 Dress with full 58 pattern CEMO, best boots and shine tin pisser. All at about 160 BPM!