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A small sidebar discussion was had by a fairly high powered crowd in the Mess at lunch today about the effects of not giving someone a MPAR, as is their right.

Although everyone agreed (unsurprisingly) that not giving a soldier of any rank a MPAR was simply unjustifiably appalling G1 and abysmal leadership, opinion was divided about what the wronged person could actually do about it, other than saying "Oy, where's my MPAR, cnut?"

In broad terms, we felt that this individual was entitled to tick the little 'Written comments attached' box but after that....? Could he basically demand the most awesome CR in the world - and get it?

Opinions please.
General opinion in my place is that not having an MPAR is brilliant - if the resulting OJAR/SJAR is not everything one would want it to be, one can feign surprise, abject disappointment and shock and then play the "if only I had been told at my MPAR, I would have been given the opportunity to act on those observations, as it is, I will have to reflect that in my comments" card. This is in the clear expectation that someone with such poor G1 skills will also be blessed with a deficiency in the spine department and will stump up an A+ blinder! I haven't had an MPAR yet...
Agree that not getting an MPAR will certainly allow you to get out of a poor AR with a degree of impunity. However, if the report is middle of the road then there is not much you can really do about it. If you have not had one by about the 8 month point then you probably need to front up and ask why it is so late.
In my experience it is only a problem if you have failed to give a MPAR and followed it with a poor report. However on occasions where my otherwise outstanding G1 ability has let me down :wink: the existence of recorded interviews telling said soldier of their failings has covered me and supported the report.

I think on JPA Appraisal it will be hard not to deliver a MPAR as it needs to be logged and acknowleged by the relevant individual much as the 'start-of-period' discussion? Not an expert on this though so could be wrong!

When SJAR is fully delivered through JPA, then if a soldier has not had a MYAR then the SJAR cannot be produced. I did ask about retrospective dating, but the system will not allow this. This was briefed from MS Wing recently.

I did raise that this could foul a soldiers promotion chance, but the standar rhetoric about command duty came out. With many corps having large operational commitments and postings outside the new FORM cycle, there will always be honest mistakes. I agree that it is the chain of commands responsibility, but let them take the repercussions not the soldier.
Not sure about the retrospective date bit for MPAR - pretty sure you can put the date in at any point...

Either way, MS is now the empowered CAA&I for career management and, as such, will soon be issuing direction on the standards that need to be achieved with regards to appraisal, MPAR, etc. As has been identified, for all its perceived problems, JPA Appraisal does allow the Services to identify where the log jams are.

If ever there was doubt, it's probably worth getting your reports in on time from now on.



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I've been in since 2002 and have had 1 MPAR. Pretty sh1t really. I'm awaiting my OJAR from my last unit - now its on good old JPA you don't get it face to face, but through a screen. Standby the "subject's comments" box.
Don't feel too bad, I've been in 16 years and have only ever had 1 mid year report (of any name). When I've been bothered enough to ask; my CO/Adjt has looked like I've applied to redress my report 6 months early.
MPAR must be specific to certain parts of the Army then - in my 9 years of service I am pretty sure I have had a Mid Term Appraisal, Mid Year Review, Mid Term Report or MPAR every year.


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