No more Wars?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Robbeaus, Jun 26, 2012.

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  1. Does this mean they all have to wear High-Viz jackets now?
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  2. No need. The red jackets and cross belts worked just fine in the Boer war.
  3. Them silly hemets would have to go and proper ones issued with adequate ear protection


    Not like you'd get chance to fire your rifle anyway, you'll be shot by the time you get past all the safety guards and switches on it
  4. I can see it now.

    "Sorry mate. You can't come on the battlefield without your PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). You could get hurt."

    Or the signs proclaiming, "108 days since the last injury on this battlefield".
  5. What about slash proof gloves for when playing with bayonets/gerbers/leathermans? Although there is no need when using the issue clasp knife because they are blunt as feck.
  6. Will the FEBA (or whatever it's called now) be surrounded with BFO blue painted sheets of plywood, with little rectangular viewing holes, so passersby can can peek in on the action?
  7. Legal duty of care, that will be mental and psycological care as well.
    So, where does that put HMG regarding troops on notice of redundancy in theatre or en route too? That is bound to open up oppertunities to a legal challange.
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  8. Recently on Herrick one of my duties involved checking kit near the front gate, I didn't leave the confines of camp, was behind hard cover and as the gates were kept shut I would be out of sight to those "out side the wire". I still had to wear body armour, helmet, gloves, eye protection and hearing protection.
  9. just because you're inside hard cover doesnt mean you cant trip and fall you mad man
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  10. Yes, but instead of being painted blue, they will have an artists impression of what the battlefield will look like when it's all finished.
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  11. Hope you had steel toe capped boots on as well.
  12. Wont be able to go anywhere unless there is an adequate footpath to get you there. Said foot path shall be patrolled by pcsos and no win no fee lawyers in case you trip.
  13. If the Army keeps insisting on playing with sharp things and stuff that goes bang all you're doing is giving the H&S Nazis an excuse to keep hounding you. It's your own fault.

    You should stop being nasty to people.
  14. I took this to mean that Wars from now on would either be fought under PFI rules (private company fighting under a no win no fee agreement) or extensive use of mercenaries on fixed term contracts, which stipulate bring your own body armour, weapons etc. Customs should be fun when said merc, arrives in the UK to take up their contract. "Now what did you say you needed five personal weapons for? I will also need you to sign a waver to ensure you don't wage war on the general public"