'No more troops planned for Iraq election'

Reuters story based on TCH's BBC interview yesterday. I wonder whether the fact we have no plans to send more troops for the elections means:

1. No more troops will be needed.
2. We dont really expect the elections to take place on Jan 30.
3. It would be too politically embarrassing to deploy more troops so soon after announcing cuts, especially with the possibility of more riots soon in Kosovo.

Includes a pic of TCH trying to talk his way out of a trip to the guardroom.

No more troops planned for Iraq election

LONDON (Reuters) - Britain has no plans to send more troops to Iraq before next month's elections there, the defence minister has said, speaking after the United States announced this month it was deploying 12,000 more soldiers.
Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon made this clear in a BBC television interview on Sunday when questioned about the need for more troops from Britain, a staunch U.S. ally in Iraq, to ensure security for the planned January 30 vote.

"I've never ruled that out but equally there isn't any evidence at the present time that that is likely," he said.

Britain has about 9,000 soldiers in Iraq, mostly in the relatively stable southern region around Basra.

"We have no plans at the present time to significantly increase numbers," said Hoon, who visited Iraq last week.

"If the security situation changes significantly we'll obviously consider adjusting our force levels. From what I saw the other day, from the advice I've been receiving, it's not necessary at the present time."

But he forecast a worsening in the security situation: "There will be more attacks, there will be more violence, there will be a greater effort by the fanatics and terrorists to disrupt this democratic process."

Asked if an invalid result was a possibility, he said: "It's obviously conceivable," but made clear he did not think January was too soon to hold the vote.

Washington has announced it will deploy an additional 12,000 troops to boost security for the elections, increasing U.S. troop numbers to 150,000.
Well we really have no more troops to send any where at present.......unless we start to clone....then we have an unlimited supply :roll:

I love this incumbents governments attitude, trying to be World Statesmen on the cheap :evil:

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