No more TEA - Most TA now £200 worse off a year!

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Mercedis, Mar 31, 2006.

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  1. OK, my other thread title might have seemed a dull as most will not have a clue what JSP 752 is, but a mighty good read it is too.

    There has been a DIN that updates 752 that says we will no longer be able to claim TEA. If you are not aware of this, please be aware now. The alternative allowance is subject to restrictions which mean the TA cannot in the main claim missed meals.

    So, please, make some noise on your drill nights. With enough pressure from the bottom up, our COs have the power to change this, but not my CO all on his own.
  2. I don't know anyone who claims TEA anyway, tightarse
  3. I claim TEA once or twice a month as I come straight from work, via the supermarket for my tea (a sarnie or two)
  4. Costing them more money? Barstewards!

    I normally go in straight from work, and claim TEA as i don't eat at home. Because i'm in early i generally muck in with any pre-night jobs that need doing, but i don't charge them 1/2 days pay for it.

    £3.20 is cheaper than extra 1/4 days pay. Simple maths that is.

    F*ck'em, i'll be claiming 1/2 day from now on.

  5. I've been claiming tea since I joined. I now know your only supposed to claim for if you have come straight from work. Seeing as I now work from home no problem - but now they've stopped it B'stards!
  6. Well thats because everyone from your unit is unemployed.
  7. Or stealing cars...... Hull so bad even the Scousers look down on it.....

    On a serious note TEA is one of those things that you arent made aware of and when you do claim the PSAO raises an eyebrow and says your talking bollocks, Even though you've just driven 60 miles to your TAC and got ripped off at a motorway service station for a pack of sandwhiches.
  8. TA_s didn't know about TEA and used to come over straight from work, buying a subway or other foodage on the way. Thing is you'd just buy/make dinner anyway - although a quid or two cheaper.. What is the beef?
  9. Errrgh! £3.25 on training nights and Fridays, prior to deploying on a weekend.

    The Queen has been happy to stump up for my food for the last 26 years.

    Have we suddenly done something to offend her?

  10. Well he should not have been doing so. It was an entitlement, I certainly claimed it regularly ( territorially ?) for the last umpteen years. It appears as one coulmn on our signing in sheet.

    Two points here - One is why on earth do people take the stance that it is their job to stop soldiers claiming what they are entitled to ? Most pay staff seem to take delight in finding reasons why NOT to pay. Could they get the same job satisfaction out of finding ways to make sure people get every penny they are entitled to ? The RAF seem to work on the principle that the pay staff are there to HELP. A strange concept I know....

    The second is a general annoyance at another little chop in our terms and conditions. As some-one said elsewhere, sod'em, go straight from work, get there earlier and claim a half day !
  11. msr

    msr LE

    Probably the same sort of thinking that called their stores 'supplies'...

    Given that the PSAO will only allow two people in my sub-unit to claim, you would have thought it was being deducted from his pension.

  12. In my lot its almost forced upon you to claim! I had'nt signed for it one night then the SPSI came up to me saying "had I forgotton something?" when I tried to reply that I didn't need too that night I was cut off then followed up with a "I didn't hear that" type comment.

    So if they are scrapping TEA can we then expect them to supply some form of buffet on a drill night? ;)
  13. Then your PSAO is a CNUT! Please pass on my regards to him.
  14. Welcome to the land of Investers in People. JSP 752 seems to be one big exercise in cutting allowances for TA and NRPS. To view another cut under this Tri Service C*ap, follow the link:

    I`m sure more cuts/reductions/savings to the MOD will be discovered when this goes into general distribution. I have read through some of JSP 752 on the net, however glaring omissions still remain entitled "contents to follow". On the note of awkward pay staff, JSP 752 resolves this by requiring the individual to submit claims via the Defence Information Infrastructure (DII) resulting in RHQs losing there AGC Support Staff ( More Savings!!!!) .

    It`s a lot easier now to claim as there will be less entitled people, and the specialist pay advice will not be available to allow individuals to understand what they are entitled to. Ask yourself how many claims have you missed in your early career due to lack of claim advice and a lack of knowledge on how to fill in the relevant forms.

    If I sound a little cynical over this JSP then the message has been understood.

  15. When reading the notice board I gathered that TEA was being replaced with something else (begins with M?).