no more ta for me thanks, i'm full......

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by sigstab, Mar 5, 2005.

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  1. Lets face it, to join the TA nowadays you should more than expect to be called up, to go join our regular brother and sisters, in some far off land. You should also expect to be fighting for a cause that has nothing to do with British interest's, moral that is.
    By the luck of the God's your job and family life will still be intact whenever you get home. Which is good, because after the humiliating experience of trying to do a regular soldiers task's with TA preparation i.e painting wagons, picking up litter,organising the next regt. function, your going to need all the comforts you can get, because not long after you come home you could be getting ready to go away again. BUT AT LEAST THERES THE PENSION TO LOOK FORWARD TOO!!!
    What does it say about a goverment,that's prepared to send it's TA personel off to war at a moments notice, but looks for loop holes so as not to give them the same as their regular counterparts?????
    SHAME ON YOU BLAIR!!!!!!!!!! :evil:
  2. If you don't like it. Vote with your feet and fcuk off. Simple really. So all youve done is paint wagons etc? You are a scalie you must have done your class 3 otherwise you wouldn't be able to be deployed. You've done your trade you are a fully traind Rsigs soldier...Ergo expect to be off somewhere hot and smelly
  3. Yep.
  4. If sigs was hard it would be a REME trade, my time in the TA is excelent, i was in the gulf and had no problems.If you take the queens shilling then you expect to go to war if you have too. I was out there on telic 1 FEB 03 TO AUG 03 with very little kit or call up notice . STOP WHINGEING.
  5. There is a rumour of an election this year...

    You can vote for a change of tour! surely there must be WMD in the Bahamas !

    Look on the bright side you are not part of one of the Scottish units that have been shafted under the recent changes..

    A few years ago we wondered if we would ever get used.. other than as a Russian speed bump

    Goes with the territory I am afraid.. time to polish my zimmer frame
  6. ?? Wasn't most of the changes in Southern English Regiments
  7. Yeah polar I believe you are quite right: RGBW D&D have been shelved completly.
    Again tooldtodieyoung gets his facts wrong HA HA!!!
  8. well said sigstab. Take no notice of the others they are the moral cowards who dare not speak up and want the staus quo maintained so that they don't have to fight for anything other than their place in the naafi queue! If you don't like it clear off is their battle cry. We don't want change cos that might make us think about what we are doing.
    Why question anything when you can just take orders? Why should TA get a pension when they are doing the same job as the real soldiers? don't worry guys they will soon have you replaced with real robots. then you will have to retire and live on your pension. What it wn't be enough? well fight for more then. Oh wait you don't do that do you.
  9. A TA Major went to court and lost. He went to court to represent US.

    At least, he damn well spoke up.

    Sigstab is making a point about the pension deficiency , he is not saying the TA is bonk.

    "If you don't like it , leave"

    Newsflash. It's not as simple as that any more, is it , as certain people who thought they HAD left , found Glasgow had different ideas.
  10. Six months in the gulf was an adventure but i wont go again doing the same job unless they pay me like a civillian contractor .iraq dosent affect
    and I care about the middle east not a jot.
    Once i get my bounty either going to leave or transfer .Not sure if its because i a old fart and frezzing in an frv losses its apeal ,Or the fact that
    never going to fight a war just stag on while someone else does it. With
    half the coy group away at anyone time it does make the ta a lot diffrent than the unit i joined
  11. The Scottish Council of Colonels voted for this "shafting". The manpower goes to the vocal minority and the English still have to prop up a Scots Bn.
  12. So true, if they can pay then they can keep their Bn's but not on my tax return
  13. It took, what, 5 years for RSDG to find another 50 odd troopers to reform D squadron. The problem is Scots don't join the army as much anymore, so obviously battalions must be cut.
  14. Drongo and Part time pongo are you the only two who actually read my message before making a reply??????????
    I will spell it out quite clearly for the rest of the tunnel visioned robots.
    The TA are being abused by the Government of this land, by not being offered the same basic incentives and perks as their regular counterparts. In my opinion, TA personel have to make greater sacrifices than regulars to go and do exactly the same job. Yet the Government do not think that these sacrifices are worth rewarding with i.e a pension. In my opinion, all TA personel should be offered a pension after 6 months service. Lets face it, as some of the robots have said ' if you take the queens shilling', yawn,yawn. Yes, if you sign up to be posted at a moments notice to be pulled out of one life and be placed in an other that the Government see's fit. Then let the Government pay for that, by means of a lovely pension for the brave men and woman of the TA.
    Before any of you Government puppets come off with anymore of your supid comments about ' whinging '. How about standing up for yourselves.
    Could it be your one of the TA wannabies, never done a day in the army but thinks he's RAMBO. Got plenty of gucci kit (still in the wrapper) not afraid to use it???
  15. Its just another case of this government getting an army on the cheap casual labour no overheads use once and discard!