No more penknives at Scout camp

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by fairmaidofperth, Sep 6, 2009.

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  1. How sad. I truly despair of the way this country has gone down the plughole.

    Britain's blade culture claims another victim ...Scouts' penknives

  2. PC madness
  3. No wonder this country is in the doodoo.
    Instead of teaching kids how to have and use knives responsibly as a tool they simply ban their use.
    Can they not see how this will conribute to making the problem worse?
  4. When I were a lass (a very long time ago) we all had knives. We used them sensibly (apart from playing knifey knifey) and I don't think any of us went on to carry them around beyond childhood. Why can't the PC brigade let kids have fun and enjoy their childhood whilst picking up some useful skills like independence and self sufficiency.
  5. CountryGal

    CountryGal LE Book Reviewer

    Thats pure crazyness, teaching kids the right and proper use of, storge off and how to use knives in a structured environment like the scouts should be encouraged, rather than banning their use and therefore making them a more desirable item for kids who will then proceed to mess around with them.
  6. My old group the 26th Cardiff even had a pretty good rifle shooting team armed with BSA.22 Century and Martini internationals
  7. Because they might grow up to be independent and self-sufficient?
  8. No more evenings sat round the camp fire whittling.

    It's the end of an era. :roll:
  9. can't have fires either unless they have a fire engine present and sat 100m away from it
  10. Hmmm.

    A quick quiz... spot the difference.

    A Boy Sprout

    Kinfe weilding scum

    Fcuk sake, what is going wrong with this country.

    Knife and gun bans to reduce crime... because that is working out so well :roll: fcuking retards.

    Can't wait to p1ss of to Oz, Canada or NZ. Hopefully before such lunacy catches on down there.
  11. About half the kids in my troop went on to be members of the forces mainly Royal Marines,The Late Ted Kelland a well known RM pti, was my patrol leader and Gabby Rees who was killed in the Falklands in a RTA in 1969 was another,Phil Singelton who went on to be one of "them" was my second when when I made the dizzy hights of patrol leader,

    Don't go on about OPsec as Phil has a website that says he was Ex SAS
  12. What's that got to do with banning knives at Scout camp?

    I don't mind if they go on to sell paper for a well known paper firm in Slough. Youth organisations such as these instill all kinds of good stuff in to the kids, IIRC I used to take my little Swiss Army Knife on camps, used it for all kinds of good stuff.

    Didn't knife anyone, threaten anyone... in fact I had a real good time.

    And learnt how to light fires even in the wet :D

    Half the stuff I used to do would never be allowed now.

    Camping in nothing more than a plastic sheet with the local Nature Club at a lake.

    Op Hazard, which included swapping a car wheel, and making stretchers and similar.

    CLimbing hils, and camping well away from civilisation and the adults ?

    Making rafts for races on rivers.

    This is why our kids are fcuking rioting in the streets. Because cnuts make these sort of cnutish rules, which then stop kids stretching their minds and bodies in controlled ways. So instead they start knifing each other.

    Yes, I appreciate the above is a little abbreviated. But it still stands true. Don't allow kids to develop in any meaningful way, and they'll develop another way.

    All because we have a bunch of mongtards in power who can only think of legislation and bans as a way to control things. Because they actually have not a single brain cell between them, they listen to bigger mongtards about such matters as knives, etc.

    It isn't too long ago that they were all scared of the Wasp Knife... and that this £300 pound kniving knife was going to be THE next big thing in knife crime... as opposed to the Asda knives for a couple of quid.

    Then there was the drain pipe, formerly a 66mm LAW, which alledgedly could kill a tank at 100m.... er no it can't it's been fired. (handed in to a Dorset Police amnesty :D )
  13. Sorry if you did not get my drift, Iwas trying to show that the Boy Scouts were a good grounding for kids who caught the scouting bug and carried it on into the forces, this is now almost imposible due to the amount of PC rules and regulations that have imposed and most of the Scout and youth leaders I know are leaving because of the vast amount of BS they now have to put up with
  14. You may as well be having this discussion in the queue to the gas chamber.
    There's no point having any more of these 'Is it just me or is that ridiculous?' discussions
    Yes it's all ridiculous and yes it's been done on purpose to destroy the country.

    So what are you going to do about it?
  15. Wear my leathermans on my belt at ALL times :twisted:

    Oh, and p1ss off to another country as soon as my pension is hitting my account:D