No more Pegasus pub.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Silvester, Jun 27, 2005.

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  1. Wine bar to clip wings of Paras' pub

    ALDERSHOT’S famous links with the Parachute Regiment have been dealt another blow with the closure of a pub closely associated with the Paras.

    The Pegasus in Aldershot High Street has closed and is due to reopen later this summer as a trendy wine bar named Europa.

    Landlord Mark Shearn said it was time to ditch the pub’s military associations for a classier, more people-friendly look.

    Many of its regular customers disappeared when Aldershot’s parachute battalions were relocated to Colchester and Dover in 2000.

    Mr Shearn said: “There isn’t any parachute regiment in town anymore so basically we’re moving everything out.

    “All the pictures have come down and are in a safe place with the Parachute Regimental Association (PRA) club and The Pegasus sign is also going to be given to them, but it has to stay up until we are told it can come down.

    “The stigma of this being a Parachute Regiment pub has meant it’s always been hard to get other people in to use it.

    “But now it’s not an Army pub and everybody will be welcome, hence the new name Europa. We want to make this a nice place for people from everywhere to come and eat, drink and socialise.”

    Full story here:
  2. Is the GT still there?
  3. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Nice.....socialize.......welcome...........All words alien to Aldershot then.
  4. Sorry but the GT closed donkeys years ago. I remember a fantastic night in there once back in 85. Since then I have never been thrown "UP" stairs and out on the street. 8O those were the days
  5. Bugger. My lot and I went down there the night it reopened in 71. New, extremely solid and heavy benches, new, extremely solid and weighty tables, big girl behind the bar and big plukey boy at the foot of the stairs. We gave it a week, but it was still rocking a year or so later when I descended with a different lot, and was the best bar in town then.
    Unlike the Roundabout, which opened and closed like a clapped-out pair of clappers. Never bothered with the Pegasus; who the hell wants to go to a pub downtown called the Pegasus? You might as well be back in the lines.
  6. Indeed a step forward for Aldershot! If you want to drink with punchy, aggressive, "who are you looking at mate" Paras then stay in barracks. I like the use of the word normal people to describe the inhabitants of the Shot though...presumably the local Trades descriptions people will be having a quiet word??

    I remember the first time I went into the Pegasus only too well..a wizened dwarf with a Scouse accent you could have cut with a knife demanded to know if I was airborne or not. Thank **** I was because he was as evil as they come, fully loaded with alcohol and some self generated organic form of speed which he presumably secreted from a gland close to his motor centres and lairy as fcuk. Shortly afterwards he jumped on the back of a 5 AB Bde loggie with no preamble, obviously having moved a stage further into alco-violence, bit him repeatedly, rabbit punched him then ran out cackling and swearing.

    I believe it was tales like that that closed a thousand pubs in Colchester...happy days, mucky nights as they say. :twisted:
  7. I know I've beenout of the loop for some time, but i had absolutuely no idea that the Para's had left Aldershot.
    Does this mean that all the Para sigs, engineers, arty. etc have gone with them to Colchester and Dover.
    Who's left in the Home of the British Army now?
  8. Some Guards type homos moved into Monty Bks. Orderly Officer didn't half look dashing in his No 2s.

    9 Sqn were the last ones left there.
  9. Army Carering Corps?

    I knew that Aldershot was going down the pan when they stopped selling dessie boots at Timpsons on the High Street :wink:
  10. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Still there. Although not in Rhine Barracks anymore.
  11. Never understood the reason for the move; Aldershot and the various barracks there seemed to be fixed in the culture of the Airborne side of things, just as Ashford was for the Int Corps (or Maresfield before it, I suppose). It surely cost a lot of money to move, rather than expand/change/contract the existing arrangements. Is it a political thing? Paranoia? ("They might get too connected locally....")

    I just don't see any logic there. The Guards are set into their various London moulds, the Hereford crew will remain the Hereford crew, the Signals aren't leaving Blandford in a hurry, the Engrs, REME ... and probably any other major grouping within the Forces as a whole won't be skipping the length of the country for the sake of a change of atmosphere and an enormous removals bill.

    As with the Pegasus and other pubs and businesses, local economies change for the better or worse too. I'm sure some of the Ashford small businesses felt it when the Int Corps uprooted.

    All very strange. Any informed opinions?
  12. Probably to do with 24 X becoming 16 X and no desire to move the airmaybe elements from Suffolk......

    Served in both (5 & 24), so knowboth the Shot and Colly well - much prefer Colly as a town/area.

    More importantly, what of Fives? The Rat Pit?

    What about ABF Day? Is that still in the Shot?
  13. 9 Sqn due to leave to move to sunny Woodbridge (near IPSWICH) in Apr 06 to join the rest of 23 Engr Regt. Rumour has it they are also contemplating moving 7 RHA into woodbridge as well. Standby, Standby. For those of you that don't know Woodbridge is in the arse end of nowhere, just right for 9 Sqn!!!
  14. There appear to be plans to move the Airborne Mueseum from Aldershot to the Imperial War Meuseum at Duxford. Much nearer to Colchester and this will sever the last airborne link to Aldershot. Sad in a way but it will have a new building and the items on display will all be renovated and the meuseum will get an injection of cash. Plus loads more people will visit.
  15. RBL?

    Anyway, there are the medics in the shot now, 4 GS & of course 22 fd hosp. And i think some sigs, but i'm not sure of the numbers.

    There is some new thing to combine all the bks together, OP Conought or something like. So big changes on the way for the shot & no doubt lots of land to sell off.