No More Occupational Assessment for Disabled?

I hear that the Royal British Legion has pulled the funding for the assessment centre at Aylesford and it has closed. If true, this is shamefull at the very time when it is needed most.

Soldiers could go there for a few days and be assessed and advised on what kind of work they could realistically aim for if they got a med Discharge.

So who will help our "heroes" if the RBL has turned its back on them?

Can anyone confirm or explain the RBL decision?
Don't know about the RBL thing, but as a wheelchair user working within the wonderful world of disability, then the key thing to remember when you find yourself 'out there' looking for work and 'disabled' is 'Access to Work'.

The Employment Service pushes a fair wadge of moolah into this service and it is a good tool to have when you do find the nerve to go and apply for work out in the world. They pay for any adjustment/services you need as a disabled person in the work place; for example: they paid for my wheelchair, work station, ramp to the office. They can pay for extra fares travelling too and incurred travelling for work, they can even pay for support workers etc. One of the first steps is the work-place and ergonomic assessment.

You can track them down via the Job Centre Plus' 'Disability Employment Advisor', or go here and look yourself. I'll look into one or two things and try and post more, but if anyone has a question just pm me and I'll try to answer.

I work as an 'access officer' for a local authority - and went through some of the stages when I was MD'd..
It appears that these kind of courses have indeed disappeared and things have gone 'mainstream'. I've done a few bits of research and discovered much has now gone through to a partnership arrangement through called 'Civvy Street' Linky an online service 'hub' where information can be found before proceeding. They point those with disabilities at the usual kind of services here, and everything points at the usual agencies.

I remember way back when, following my own MD the only option for retraining/resettlement I was offered was at an Employment Service run 'Employment Rehabilitation Centre', a set of assorted 'work places' under one roof where employment pyschologists, medics and careers people assessed you in various kind of work environments before rubber stamping your entry into whatever kind of work place you were deemed fit to work in. Although a great idea, it was not effective in practice and put sometimes very vulnerable people through an unsympathetic and difficult process - whilst subjecting them to draconian rules and procedures. Part of my issues at the time was epilepsy, and I remember waking up and being unable to see properly - mainly due to the medical staff wiping my eyes with cloth or cotton-wool to see if I was pretending!

Happy days....

I guess it is important to be aware of all these kind of places, and if welfare officers etc. don't know about them, it is time they did. It is a mainstream world out there.

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