No more Moody?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Corporal, Feb 12, 2005.

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  1. I just noticed Moodybitch's pictures are gone from the gallery? Did she leave the site?
  2. I noticed the pictures were gone as well, shortly after an Arrse member commented on her "trout pout" whilst having a fag.

    She is still around though as there was a post recently about an annoying Aussie (aren't they all) that she works with, I think the thread was how could they stich the tosser up and get him the sack type thing.
  3. Tis I, the moody one!

    For the record, I never left - I just actually did what I'm paid to do and did some work for a change.

    As for the removal of my pictures....

    Apparently, Arrse members kept puking after seeing them on the gallery so I found myself hauled in for an interview without coffee in front of the CO'S and ordered to remove them with immediate effect...they gave me a good skiffng for good measure and told me never to upset the ARRSES with my vile face ever again. :wink:
  4. WB Moody.

    Handbags at dawn with Anya can begin again.... :wink:
  5. Yeah, where is that pikey?

    Suppose it's too much to hope that she has fecked off at last?
  6. WB :wink:

    Anya gone - no such luck

    No theyre making another series of Little Britain and need a vicky pollard body double :wink:
  7. Er....Moody....can you send me a copy of your pics for er....personal use??

    I am lost without them.

  8. What you gonna do with them - use them to frighten little children and old ladies?

    Ok then
  9. I'd use your pics to make my willie puke up man fat!

    Have you got lots?