I don't think the BFPO have updated their link. That quote in full:

On Friday 27 February, the Minister of State for the Armed Forces, Adam Ingram, informed Parliament in a written ministerial statement of the end of free postage of letters and packets to Personnel serving on Op Telic. Click here to read the full statement.As of 8th April the free packet service to the Iraq theatre of operations will end. Individuals will, however, be able to send parcels from any UK Post Office, weighing up to 2 kg, at a special concessionary rate equivalent to the UK Inland First Class Postage Rate.The free packet service was introduced as a temporary measure and the decision to end it was based on the reduction in personnel deployed, the availability of consumables locally and the consequent reduction in demand. Iraq is the only theatre of operation that receives the free packet concession. To extend the concession to other theatres could not be justified on cost grounds.Military personnel in Iraq will continue to benefit from an excellent welfare package. This includes free letters (‘blueys’ and ‘e-blueys’), free Internet access, free phone calls (20 minutes per week to anywhere in the world), free books and newspapers, free radios and televisions (with associated DVDs, Videos, computer games and software) and BFPS radio and television.Adam Ingram MP, Minister for the Armed Forces said:“The MOD accepts that the withdrawal of the free packet service will be unpopular. It should, however, be seen in the context of the good welfare package enjoyed by all service personnel and the availability of consumable goods in the Iraq theatre. I would also like to stress that packets up to 2 kg can be sent at a concessionary rate.”
the free parcels only started after the war was over any way, so its no suprise they are stopping it as soon as they are :evil:
Money grabbing penny pinching lying cheating cowarly lazy absolute s**ts that aren't worthy of licking the newest recruit's s**t covered boots.....

......and relax! Not long to go now for Mr PVR!
Oh, and the Great Helmsman himself saw fit to announce the scheme in why didn't Our Tone announce its closure as well???

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