No more Flower of Scotland??

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by one_flew_over, Jan 29, 2004.

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  1. Flower of Scotland

  2. Highland Cathedral


    It was only in 1990 that we were allowed to sing at Murrayfield. I'm interested in English views as well as God's Chosen People. Is FofS offensive or sh1te? Should we have Highland Cahedral or go back to banning blatent nationalism and sing God Save the Queen?
  2. Flower of scotland is fine by me at least i know some of the words.
    Has Highland Cathedral got words? and why ruin it by turning it into a national anthem.

    BTW any one want to take Danny boy as an exchange for a national anthem? Or that phil coulter thing thats sung now at internationals i think the only bit anyone knows is 'Ireland Ireland'
  3. more pc bolloxs. sing what you want. and if it upset you. tuff you should not be such a sensitive little girl.
  4. Reminds me of Billy Connolly and the theme from The Archers... ;)
  5. Flower of Scotland is classic,
    and when sung at full belt across a playing field it is magic!!!!
    Not only is it a true National Anthem, it's a good riot tune as well!!!!
  6. Its a puffy song with simple words, made that way so the red nosed whiskey drinking inbred porridge wogs can remember it before they start glassing each other.

    Would the jocks like to remind us who currently holds the Rugby world cup :D
  7. Wind your neck in engerlunder!! :D

    it is about the song/national anthem, not sport :D
  8. Highland Cathedral gets my vote - it was composed by a German and is sung by those other foreigners north of the border.

    FofS is slushy and always sounds maudlin when sung by porridge wogs fuelled by Buckfast.

    On the other hand I am looking forward to teh Mess Burns' Supper tomorrow...
  9. No they are both link.

    Shit at sport and the country is shit!

    Get LNV in here to sanction the use of MOABs on everything biggger than a mud hut North of Lancaster :D
  10. if scotland can have there song. why not us. surely god save the queen is a uk national athem. and not swing low sh#t. :D :D
  11. dfor, I quite agree, God save the Queen is not right for inter UK teams it is the anthem for us all. I think the Welsh are sorted with Land of my Fathers, I'd like to hear HC at Murrayfield before I decide and surely Ireland need to do better than come the Day! For England, Jeruselem?

    MND - Yes England have the World Cup - but remember what happened when your soccer lads got it? Me thinks they got a right pasting at the hands of Law and the lads in '67! Calcutta Cup back in Edinburgh this year for sure!
  12. Rule Britannia! for all of us, and sod the PC brigade.
  13. One flew over.

    Nevermind the footballing queens, they were always going to get carried away, too busy making vosene and pantene adverts :D
  14. MDN - Whatever - it is always a great night on the pi55. Last time England came up (and yes i remember the thumping) I was pouring out a bar at about 2.30 when a tap on me shoulder and a bloke asking for directions to an hotel. It was Englands most annoying player an achievement in itself), the hair transplant guy named after a car! Of all the people I didn't want to see - and I was too drunk to think to send him the wrong way :oops:

    Anyway, we won first time Flower of Scotland was sung (90), so I hope HC has the same result!
  15. "Rule Brittania....
    Marmalade and jam......
    five Chinese crackers up your arrse.....
    go...bang, bang, bang, bang, bang... Oi!"