No More Flashman

, nor any more Macauslan neither! RIP George MacDonald Fraser, with thanks for all the insights - from a simple sailor.
Quartered Safe Out Here has to be one of the finest military memoirs available.

Now, just to get my copy back....



A sad day indeed.

What good bloke he was. Border Regiment in Burma, Gordons post war. I'll miss his work greatly.

Still, my father gets another drinking buddy.


But what a legacy of work he has left behind. I'm anxiously awaiting his last book "The Reavers" to be published over here.
What a bloody, bloody shame.

Thank you for Flashman, QSOH and all the rest. You were our greatest living writer. A truly sad loss.
Bugger. Great shame. Bought a signed copy of his last book "The Reavers" for my dad for Christmas. Always wanted to meet the bloke, I suppose I'll have to wait a while now.
Damned shame to hear of his death.
I found the "flashy" books both funny and I think well researched.

I bet more than a few have galloped through the Khyber, farting as they go.

RIP matey
They'll be raising a glass to him in the Gandamack Lodge, Kabul, tonight.
A sad loss, his Flashman books should be compulsory reading for secondary school pupils, a shame we will never find out what "Flash Harry" did get up to during the ACW! Fought for the Blue and the Grey as only Flashy could!

Thanks GMF.
Enjoyed his books, now where is that cassette of him reading one on the radio. One of his less known non fiction was the Hollywood history of the world.

If you are yet to read Mr American do so you will love it, Pyrates is humorous.
RIP George McDonald Fraser

His well written, well researched and very funny books have brought me a lot of pleasure. I had read most of his books and 3 years ago, before checking into hospital for a bit of spinal surgery I bought to rest. They got me through my recovery even when it hurt to laugh. Occasionally I had to look things up, being from the wrong side of the pond but well worth it.

His Macauslan books are wonderful reading. A loss for all who like military history. or who like to laugh.
I don't think we'll see his like again, Down to Earth talking with Zero Bull.
Still who knows what may cum out of Ganistan or Iraq.
RIP Sir, you were a top novellist.

Flashy has kept me smiling in some disgusting far flung lands, for which I thank you.
Good job he got the OBE before he left. Looking at some of the awful lot who get them, it'd be pretty poor if he was totally omitted.

Well deserved and sadly missed! Top stories from a top chap.

Anyone wondering about his writing beyond Flashman, I'd recommend 'The Light's on at Signpost'.

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