No more fast food at US bases in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Apr 5, 2010.

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  1. US troops reminded they are at war, not "amusement park"

    No more fast food at US bases in Afghanistan

    The fast food outlets facing the axe include Burger King, Pizza Hut, and the U.S. chain restaurant T.G.I. Friday's (File)
    Kandahar, AFGHANISTAN (Reuters)

    Fast food joints where soldiers wolf down burgers and pizza will soon be a thing of the past at bases in Afghanistan, as the U.S. military reminds soldiers they are at war and not in "an amusement park."

    In the sprawling military base at Kandahar, the fast food outlets facing the axe include Burger King, Pizza Hut, and the U.S. chain restaurant T.G.I. Friday's that features a bar with alcohol-free margaritas and other drinks -- all set along the bustling "Boardwalk" area of the base.

    On any given day, the giant square-shaped walkway features the surreal sight of soldiers sipping gourmet coffee and eating chocolate pastries with guns slung across their shoulders, while Canadians play ice hockey at a nearby rink and fighter jets thunder overhead.
  2. Old News by about a Month at least
  3. deja vu !!!
  4. Reminds me of that old standing joke:

    "How are the troops liking the franchise outlets on base Sgt Major ?"

    "Troops love em Sir, moral is great"

    "Well, shut some of them down then, and fcuk the troops about a bit"
  5. Mixed feelings. It used to p1ss me off arriving at such bases with goggle face after having had my head stuck out the top of an AFV for severall hours only to see some pr1ck sun bathing with a magnum ice cream.

    However if they can live happily and keep morale high in the rear then why not?
  6. Plus it was nice to be able to get a pizza on the way to RnR etc.
  7. Embaressing for someone though who's furtherest point forward towards the enemy was where The Battlegroup lads were sunbathing on OSD.

    Another perk of such places was I onced charged a can of mountain dew for someone to sit on our warrior for a photo with a GPMG. :D
  8. The drop in morale due to this could even prove dangorous.
  9. Is it perhaps because they have started to serve the " Obesity in a Bun Burger " weighing in at just 15 lb .... 7.5 Kg ?
    Note the delicate use of the " Shovel RE " !

  10. Sodding hell Sedexho could feed a battalion on that for a week.

    Although in all honesty sedexhell could propberbly feed a battalion on a packet of powdered egg 3 nuts from a landrover and a tin of motor oil for a week.
  11. I want one
  12. How true that is, even the baked beans are doled out individually....Rwandan refugees eat better then Sodexho customers :D
  13. You can bet your arrse this decision is made by people who won't be stuck in a FOB for weeks at a time........c*nts.
  14. It would appear the decision was made with these very people in mind.

    How shameful that a REMF can geta Big Mac with fries yet Tommy Atkins in The FOB has to wait 6 weeks for a new waterbottle lid or a new sling for his weapon.

    Drastic example but it makes the point of the logistical burden placed on the camps in question.
  15. Most of the lads in the FOBs I spoke to quite liked the idea of mini rest area back in KAF. A Welsh regiment ( I forget who) had their QMs based in KAF but rotated people out to the FOBs so some got a chance to fill their faces.
    What the yanks had had no impact on what kit British squaddies got so it makes no difference to those in the FOBs what KAF has.