No more Families Quarters?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by MrPVRd, Aug 6, 2007.

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  1. Posted on Pprune. The Defence Living Accommodation Strategy is also mentioned. 5 years to run on the Annington lease, I imagine the quarters or the land will be worth a few bob more than HMG sold them for, quite beyond their means to buy back. Meanwhile, it is jolly good of the taxpayer and the FQ occupants to keep the property maintained until it can be sold off....

  2. Does this mean MoD will scrap all planned major SFA rennovations then?
  3. This is worrying- how can junior ranks afford their own homes and live comfortably??

    Especially those based in the Home counties, where houses are easliy worth over £ 250 thousand.

    Surely this will have effects on retention?? they shouldnt be surprised when flocks of married blokes leave because they cant afford to live that way.
  4. This is absolute bollocks and needs to be treated as such. Either link it to an official document or cease spreading corrosive rumour.
  5. Great idea either we will become like the Canadians and move our trailer home to our new post. No packing, rewiring Sky etc but not sure if the RSM will be happy if I'm parked on the parade square!


    All posting to SE England refused on financial grounds. New garrisons start up in cheap housing areas. Squaddies inject cash and DNA into local area, things pick up. Sell house at profit and move onto next cheap housing area to do the same. Eventually end up in SE Eng due to housing slump! A mobile Army spreading wealth round the country (especially on Millionairres weekend!)

    Can I apply for a council house at my new posting or would I have to prove a local link? Q BigRed camping at council offices homeless on posting!

    Now am I being ironic or will the budgeteers think its a good idea.

    Its not a plan to give us 5k, you can already get £8500 LSAP and the 5k for expences when you move.

    This has got to be a Wah as not even MOD Policy Staff are that daft! (Did I really say that?)
  6. Sweet Lord, what will they think of next, the suggestion is utterly proposterous, how can they even begin to justify this, thats me, Ive heard it all now, Ill get me coat, would the last person please turn off the lights on the way OUT .
  7. Surely this cant/wont happen??
  8. I recall something similar being said when they originally sold off the MQ stock.
    If it 'saves money' for this government, they will not give a sh1t of the impact that will be felt a few years down the line.
    If it results in the armed forces eventually dwindling away to nothing then that too will be perceived as a saving, as armies, navies etc. are expensive to run.
  9. I was speaking to a Lt Col AGS who was explaining that one option that was being considered was giving all Armed Forces members the opportunity of opting out of the housing system. In return they would be given a substantial sum ( I seem to remember the sum of around £40000 being quoted). In return you would never be entitled to a quarter or Boarding school allowance.
  10. Excellent! So all of these individuals who rush off and buy there own home but can't live there because they're posted too far away need to have accommodation in their posting location. I'm fairly sure that we struggle to provide accommodation for those singlies, the over 37 package and the slack handful of married unaccompanied let alone the massive influx of these new married unaccompanied, the accomodation would not be there and the army would spend a ridiculous amount on SSSA. Or these married unaccompanied personnel would be told to hire their own accommodation in the posting location which would prevent anyone from taking the offer (if it ever existed?).
  11. Sounds like Tosh!
  12. Considering how many quarters are on camps, who else is going to live in them? The current owners would probably love to sell them on to civvies when the contract ends and the Government would probably be glad to save the money, but when the first potential buyer turns up at the front gate on their way to their new house and the MPGS f*ck him off because he hasn't got a MOD90, how many houses do you think will be sold?
  13. I think I'll start a rumour that all squaddies now have to buy their own tents so they can sell of the accommodatiobn blocks. Why not? , it's a probable as this half @sed rumour. The MOD contrary to the random ramblings on here is not completely clueless.
  14. I'm sorry, I can't be posted to Germany/Cyprus/Gibraltar/NI

    or even

    Edinburgh/London/anywhere in the South East...

    because I can't afford to rent or buy anywhere near a garrison. Why? Because all the intelligent Landowners and Housing Associations will raise the rents/house purchase price because they will know that they have a large mobile workforce who MUST live near work.

    Captive market = massive price hike.
  15. WAH!