No more burberry

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by PK, Aug 21, 2004.

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  1. PK

    PK Old-Salt

    At last a switched on person :D

    All off out in Leicester then :lol:
  2. good on em
  3. Can the Army impose such a ban?..........please?
  4. To maintain our equilibrium, can we also ban:

    Thomas Pink
    Spotty ties and hankies
    anything from Farlows or dear Johnny Boden except this for Fiona: [​IMG] also rule out that daft shop on the square in Cirencester and Mole Valley Farmers??

    ( also: any "civvies" bought from Goldings with uniform allowance )
  5. Are you some sort of track-suited socialist?
  6. Jeans and dessies agnostic actually.

    Mater thinks my black M+S crew neck is a bit bourgois, the OC thinks I'm an existentialiste
  7. I suspect you would enjoy the Mess I currently live in, which often resembles a 'Big Issue' sellers' convention, so much of the Devil's cloth is worn.

    If all the makes you listed were banned, what would a gentleman wear?
  8. You'd be in an RAF mess then? 8)
  9. His Birthday Suit?
  10. Indeed, though there are a number of Army & RN officers here as well. The lack of standards is disappointing, though I suppose people might take a little more trouble if the Mess was maintained properly so that it was a decent place to live.
  11. Once in the NATO Mess in Sennelager a group of young officers from a certain corps (no names etc but one of the supposedly better corps) were in the bar dressed in a fashion that even charvers would find iffy. Their CO appeared towards the end of the evening and a certain crusty wandered up to him and asked him if it was true that Oxfam had been appointed Corps tailor. Laugh I nearly spilt me pint.