No more bum fun for fry.

on the wireless today , it mentioned the old poof, and then said men over 50 and whose had it in the fmaily line should be checked, and Afro Caribean men were more prone to the disease ?
any idea why
1 in 8 white men will suffer from prostate, 1 in 4 Afro Caribbean ancestry will suffer, it’s a genetic problem
1 in 8 white men will suffer from prostate, 1 in 4 Afro Caribbean ancestry will suffer, it’s a genetic problem
That's similar to what my consultant told me when I was going through my treatment although he put it this way "90% of men will die with prostate cancer but not necessarily of prostate cancer."
I’m just surprised a prostate was still in evidence. I’d surmised it would have been worn out by all that traffic
Assuming he was the receiver rather than the giver, or do you have inside knowledge?
Bugger, I’ve been been! No, I mean, oh fudge how did you, no! Any takers for a punched doughnut??
Does it come with jam?
I believe the jam option is largely based on the length and girth of the intruding appendage and associated ‘running in’ of the receptacle.

Dit - I spent ten years at the bearded airline (see previous dits to establish orientation). The occasion where Friends of Dorothy were seeking a tampon from the female crew in the morning wasn’t unknown.
So do I. I watched one of the Sherllock Holmes film the other week when he played the part of Sherlocks brother. He was very good and funny in that,he does have a good delivery. Stop it........ OF WORDS!
I saw that movie too if you're talking about the Robert Downey version of Sherlock Holmes. Stephen Fry was OK as Mycroft Holmes until they reached the scene where he took off all of his clothes for no apparent reason. It certainly didn't advance any plot point that I could make out - maybe he just wanted to gross out Kelly Reilly who played Mrs. Watson,or was trying to catch the eye of Robert Downey. :?

Having one's prostate removed though is no joking matter. Hope the old fruit pulls through.
Doubtless if he does croak we will have the biggest grief-fest since St Princess Diana. I'd personally like him to die in the same event as Alan I'm-a-smartarrse-too Davies and Elton John.

The only thing he was ever remotely funny in was Blackadder.
I thought He was good in Jeeves and Wooster as well.

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