No More BSc for Elec Tiffys

Discussion in 'REME' started by ECI-AT-LARGE, Jul 10, 2006.

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  1. Another master plan in the offing. Going to be done away with and replaced by foundation degree in management. Reason - don't need the qual to do the job. Another stroke of unrelenting genius from puzzle palace? And what a recruitment tool too!
  2. IMHO Its actually a more sensible qualification, and hopefully a shorter course!
  3. Since when was getting a degree a recruitment tool? Its only been in place for 4 years for Gods sake. Yet another rant for the sake of it
  4. ECI at large (1 Bn posibly)

    Although you are losing the BSc, you will be gaining a useful foundation degree which can be upgraded to an MBA through a combination of hard work and documenting your subsequent management experience. Much of this can be funded through ELC, SLC and, possibly, through Army sponsorship.

    An engineering degree is good to have but an MBA can get you mega bucks when you leave.

    I would also say that if this does come to pass then it will be in reponse to feeback from those who have felt a management qualification was much more useful.

    You win some; you lose some

  5. I agree that an MBA is more usable and flexible than a BSc on leaving the Army. However, the foundation degree, which is being mooted as the replacement for the current BSc, does not lead automatically to an MBA. It will depend to a large extent on the subsequent career path of the Artificer, which is not within his or her control.

    In order to be of use in a path to a bachelors degree with honours (a further 1.3 years of full time study) the foundation degree must be selected with care at the validation stage to ensure it provides a link to a suitable course with minimum bridging.

    It should also be noted that the foundation degree is at a very immature stage and I would suggest that more time is required to fully assess its relative merits and acceptability to UK industry.

    Given that it is now accepted that the Artificer is going to be a manager and not an engineer, it follows that the Artisan will be given recognition for providing the over-arching technical and engineering competence with the fitter sect/LAD/Wksp in his place. Therefore, I anticipate the Artisan job will undergo Pay 2000 re-evaluation.

    It is to be hoped that DEME(A) are considering this proposal for the benefit of the Corps and not to appease the bean-counters. They may otherwise be in danger of providing credibility to a certain concurrent thread on the REME Forum.
  6. So are you telling us that 18 year old guys and girls are lining up at the recruiting office on the off chance of getting a BSc? Why dont we do an exit poll of those who join the Corps to see how many have actually heard of 'Tiffy'? I certainly hadn't.
  7. I think what ECI at Large means is that there won't be as many tech tradesmen wanting to go Tiffy now that there may be no Bsc at the end.

    Although the Bsc or HND (dependant on CEG) may not be that useful in the field it still shows to the rest of the Army that REME Artificer's have a bit of nonce when it comes to engineering matters as and when they are required.
  8. Did we (the Corps) struggle before the BSc ............. no.
  9. Dunno mate, but we're sure as hell struggling now.
  10. There is not currently a plan to replace the BSc with anything management related. Government/defence aspiration is to replace HND with Foundation degree. It is the same level as HND but more modern