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Our latest blog post looking at keeping clean in the field. Don't just take my word for it though - the Waterless Ltd Pits & Bits Wash Kit has also been looked at by quite a few guys on KitReviews, including one on HERRICK.

We’ve all got our own personal methods for staying clean in the field when on exercise or operation. Most of these involve hot water, whether it is from a mess tin over a hexi stove, a BV or even the infamous 'puffing billy' - for those with longer memories. All very well if you’ve got plenty of water or the means and time to heat it. Personally I was always a big fan of baby wipes although will concede that these don’t do much more than remove a thin layer of grime or yesterday’s cam cream from your face!

Our latest product, the Pits & Bits FOB Wash Kit, is designed to overcome these factors and provide the means of staying clean in the field without needing water. Like teflon and the integrated circuit board, the technology dates from the NASA space programme which probably also gives you a pretty good indication that it works. All the products are alcohol free so they won’t dry your skin out and they do not need water or rinsing. When you’ve used them you just towel down afterwards to remove any residue.

The main components in the wash kits are the body wash and shampoo. Both are 65ml so easily pass the airport security test, don’t worry though as a little of them goes a long way! Perhaps the most impressive product though are the expandable wipes which start of the size of a pound coin and end up about A4 size. They’re pretty strong and durable which means that you can use them to do your weapon once you’ve finished your self.

The Pits & Bits Wash Kits come in two sizes; basic and large. The basic one contains a 65ml body wash, 65 ml shampoo and four of the expandable towels all packed in a cotton bag. We think this makes it ideal for stashing at the bottom of a pouch for those moments when you get separated from your bergan.

The large Pits & Bits Wash Kit has all the items in the basic one but then adds another four towels, two toothbrushes and 50 ml of alcohol free hand santiser. Chances are that this is easily sufficient to keep you clean for 48-72 hours. Wiith a weight of under 300g we think this is a really good addition to anyone’s daysack.

Now the Pits & Bits Wash Kits are never going to replace the joys of a full field dhobi but they’re a thoroughly modern solution to the problem of keeping clean in the field. They’re really lightweight, small and, unlike my baby wipes, can be relied upon to do a decent job.
Look great but the towels thing is the wrong way round, you should be cleaning your weapon before your self.

Unless you have a AS90. Will one towel still clean that?

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