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No more allegiance to Her Maj. Am I the ONLY one concerned??


Book Reviewer
Members of the other constituent agencies, HM Customs and Excise and the Immigration and Nationality Service, don't swear oaths to anyone currently.
As long as the Army and the other two services do (and I don't see that changing in the near future), I think the pro-republic types will stand off. For now, at least.

Are we just being paranoid?
I was always under the impression that what made the UK different in this respect was that the Armed Forces or Police swore an oath to the monarch and not some dodgy politicians. The monarch is neutral, in France and various other states pledging allegience to the government was subject to coups and revolution (1REP) when things did not go the military or other parties way.

This could be the thin edge of the wedge

What would the opinion of Arrse users be if during their service they had to swear an oath to Blair, Major, Maggie or previous? I do understand the heirs and sucessors and the "her ministers" bit in the oath but I think we all know that it was to Betty Windsor who we were really giving an oath to, even if the monarchy is not a big deal to many at least the monarchy is not tainted by politics and occasionally pipes up for us.

An oath to the state/government? 8O 8O cheap
It'd be an interesting conflict of interests if servicemen did ever have to choose between monarch or parliament.

Where would you stand, are you a roundhead or a cavalier? I quite fancy being a Prince Rupert myself (without all that gay hair obviously).
Roundhead or Royalist? Hmmm.. The HAC had this dilemma during the ECW and ended up with elements on both sides. Don't think they actually ended up fighting each other but if they did it would have been VERY Civil of course.

On the Restoration the Regiment resumed business as usual but it must have led to some interesting war stories for a few years until it all died down!

The Corps of Drums claim to have had blokes on Oliver Cromwell's funeral, but I doubt there'd be the same rush to swear allegiance to Neue Arbeit or Europe if that should be suggested.

Rgtl_Stick_Insect said:
The Corps of Drums claim to have had blokes on Oliver Cromwell's funeral, but I doubt there'd be the same rush to swear allegiance to Neue Arbeit or Europe if that should be suggested.Sticky
Was anyone from Corps of Drumes there when he was dug up and exhibited as traitor?
In Cromwells day I'd have been a Parliamentarian as I do not believe in the divine right of kings:

Today I'd be a Royalist as I don't believe in the divine right of B Liar and neue arbite
" I rather have a plain russetpcoted captain that knows what he fight for
and loves what he knows ,than that which you call a gentlemen and is nothing else "
Oliver cromwell
At the time of civil war parlimeant as the divine right of kings is just silly to our modern eyes .
Now in a fight between new labour vrs windsors cant get any enthusaism for either side .who would be on new labours side ?


VladtheImpala said:
Stick Insect:

'Restoration' rather than 'Reformation' I think. Unless of course they had discovered the secret of (backwards) time travel...

Isn't backwards time travel what we do everyday?

(Have to ask the missus, She's the Nuclear Scientist)

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