No Money for Forces,NHS etc is this why?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by the_boy_syrup, Nov 25, 2007.

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  1. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Could these reasons be why there is no money for the Forces and the NHS,Police etc?

    Hundreds of Whitehall mandarins are being offered "bribes" of up to £40,000 a year for life and golden handshakes of £150,000 in a job-cutting package described as "the most generous redundancy scheme in history

    Money for nothing

    Northern Rock
    The Northern Rock crisis is costing the taxpayer the equivalent of twice the country's primary school budget, it was claimed yesterday...

    Bottomless pit

    Gordon Brown The most prudent Chancellor in years?
    Dosen't seem very good with money now he's in charge :x
  2. Yes government worker unfunded pensions schemes cost much more than the entire armed forces budged PA. The half final salery at 60 schemes are the ones that are particulary bad for the counrty. Although the scheme has been closed to new entrance as of June It the it will cost will not peak it terms of costs for decades. The worker pay currently 3.5 percent percent real money per anuum to an imaginary scheme. If this 3.5 was payed to a real scheme it would not pay anything like what it does there is also an imagenary employer contribution of a higher percent. People are some times payed more money in retirement than when working. This is coming out present day taxpayers money its a poncy scheme. If these schemes were scraped state pension could more than double. The scheme in sense rewards lazy nepatism. As most of these government jobs works less than private companies for more money.

    The scheme has to be scraped or downgrade and most likely will in due course through economic nessecity. The theory behind it is public sector workers are payed less. Some are but generally this is not the case the reality there unions have poltical influence and control voting through labour party a lot of posturing also.

    Northern Rock is bit of a red Herring in cost the counrty. There has been a lot of hype, people under the illutsion that it is a cost of 25 billion. This is not likly to be the case the cost the it unlikly to cost more than a few billion. Its not an ideal situation but in terms of use of government money Northern Rock is one that may cost a few billion this is not a prelonged anual cost. The papers have jumped on it looked at the 25 billion as a cost and compared other budgets. This is more to sell paper or for poltical purposes as its quite misleading. I am not defending Northern Rock or even endorising the rescue but its not this sort of behavour that has meant less cash than may be.

    So in part I would say you are right.
  3. This Fighting for Freedom thing... Is this "Freedom for the Government to do what it wants"?

    Not too much of a problem with that but can if Alastair Darling is able to tear himself away from Northern Rock for a few minutes, would he calculate how much the military needs in cash as soon as possible please and then give it to them quickly.
  4. Didn't the forces get extra money this summer?
  5. DEFRA and Northern Rock are small change compared with the real problem. Around a third of the people in the UK get most of their income from government welfare. About a fifth of the working population work for the government.

    Nearly half of the population live off the tax paid by the other half. You can't run an economy like that.

    The problem is exacerbated by the fact that the PFI mortgages and other debts the government signed up to in their first two terms are now starting to fall due. Labour never expected to be in for a third term. They thought a Tory government would be left to pay off the debts by now.
  6. Yes. Not enough though Sven.
  7. Whilst technically true, it's a bit like the armed forces saying they need a hundred million pounds (a random number) more in funding to do what's being asked of them and the government turning round and giving them forty million pounds instead. An increase yet nowhere near what is actually needed.
  8. Hey don't forget the MOD making sure every quid counts

    DEFENCE officials entrusted with ensuring troops are properly equipped in Iraq and Afghanistan have spent £7,000 to go on a team-building event, featuring hot tubs, ducking stools and celebratory glasses of champagne.

    Figures released by the Ministry of Defence show that the Defence Equipment and Support division has allocated £330,000 for civil servants to go on courses for team-building, training and personal coaching. It is part of a total £20m allocated for outside consultancies in 2007/8.

    Last month a group of MoD officials working on the Type 45 destroyer took part in a “splash and dash” day in Cirencester, Gloucestershire, with Friday Island, a team-building company.

    It involves events such as archery and canoeing, and the winning team is entitled to use the hot tub while sipping champagne. The MoD allocated £7,000 for the awayday.

    With a few more wise expenditures like that it won't be long until military spending is seen to rise eh?

  9. Your condemnation includes much of HM forces, given that they claim tax credits, family allowance etc. You may well reply (aqnd perhaps rightly) that servicemen just out of the box should be paid enough that they do not have to claim,but that would cost the tax payer even more.
  10. His condemnation covers the WHOLE of HM forces, since they/we are all paid by the government.
  11. The reason I like your posts so much, Sven, is that when I read them I am reassured that the Lib Dems will never win an election.
  12. Sven! You're out - err, I mean back. Welcome home - we've missed you (in the sense that the lions missed the Christians when the coloseum ran out)

    If you'd understood my post, you'd know that my 'condemnation' as you put it includes all of HM forces as they are all government employees. The government is grossly over staffed and cuts need to be made as a matter of urgency.

    Your beloved Labour government is, of course, on the case. They have already sacked one third of the nursing staff at my local general hospital and the local mental hospital is being closed to be sold to property developers. Nothing unusual there, this process is being repeated all over the country.

    The armed forces are next in line to grab their ankles for Gordon. With well below inflation increases in the defence budget over the next three years, the navy will be reduced to a coastal patrol force while the army will be expected to double the amount of time they spend on tour. The resultant impact on retention should avoid the need for an embarrassing programme of compulsory, NHS style redundancies in the army. Who says Gordon doesn't learn from his mistakes?

    Meanwhile the diversity industry goes from strength to strength. With a 45% increase in its budget in the past year, the new Equality and Human Rights super-quango can now take on enough staff to prosecute both the Beano and the Dandy for racism.

    As I've told you before, all armed forces personnel who claim benefits remain net contributors to the government's coffers. The tax they pay always exceeds the benefits they receive.

    The problem lies with those who live off benefits, the one third of households that the National Audit Office states derive 'most or all' of their household income from welfare benefits. Guess who I'm thinking of as I write this Sven?

  13. And yet the MoD runs it's very own team-building excercises called EXECUTIVE STRETCH. More joined up thinking.

    That said, putting MoD civil serpents in the care of frustrated military types for a few days might not lead to much team building. more of a team beasting.
  14. Good Point FB! - Couple of quick "back of fag" calculations here could have saved them a few quid. Even better, exposure to the military - can't put a value on that!
  15. Are you suggesting that the civilian employees of the MOD should have to get their shoes dirty mixing with lowly commoners that they are supposed to be working for/with. Are you completly mad?

    Why get shouted at by and angry SNCO while crawling through the mud, when you can sit in a hot-tub with the girls from the typing pool quaffing champers and getting a blowy?