No mod house so had to private

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by babydiggers, Oct 27, 2007.

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  1. Brother just moved from Germany to uk. Wife preggers and house a dump .. Have no heating,boiler is f##ked, Agent closed, What can he do.. New posting and promotion don't wanna rock the boat,, But is not on.. No hot water nothing.. Two kids as well.. ANY ADVICE :?
  2. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Call out an emergency heating engineer, but first check to see if the landlord has a maintenence contract with anyone. It should be in the docs that came with the house.

    If not pay for the repairs and then invoice the agent or better yet get the contractor to invoice the agent direct.
  3. Had a engineer out on fri and he said he had to go back to the agents , who then get in touch with the landlord...
    So still waiting and no heating warmer outside in in...
  4. msr

    msr LE

    Why has he rented a private house which is a dump?

  5. Not rented.. Is no quaters so had to have private rent.. did not gfet to see it before.. only got keys tue and .. Now is all coming to light.. steps broken and all sorts...
  6. msr

    msr LE

    Are you English?

    If you take a rented house without looking at it first then you are in your own time really.

  7. How about , its his house and therefore his problem
  8. You mean that the DHE (or whatever they're called this week) had no quarters left so they have hired him a house downtown?
  9. If he has had to get rented accomodation because lack of MQ it is still respnsibility of the families office. If there are kids involved and no hot water or heating speak to his guard room and ask for the Orderly Officer who should get the families Duty bod to sort something out.
  10. Spot on answer Iron

    Contact the Families Office they put them in this position.
  11. Agreed MSR>

    If the house is such a dump why did he rent it?

    If what you are saying in the title is that it is a hireing by the MoD because of lack of housing, why did he accept it?

    New unit/promotion or not. Two kids and one en route, wife prenant and a house that has no heating, I'd have rocked the boat over by now.

    Babydiggers, calm it down, and type in a coherent fashion. explaining hte situation. Then someone may be able to help you.

    Is the house rented by the MoD, in lieu of a quarter? Or did your brother rent it?
  12. Unfortunately a lot of younger lads (if he is) dont know his rghts when confronted by new families officers on March in an dont ant to rock the boat. Thats why if any of my young lads are marching in i will tryan go with them or send a veteran marcher inner like myself there. Most of the tme though your furnitures about to arrive on the day you March in and its too late to do anything especially when arriving from Germany.
  13. Thank you all for your help..
    Yes the house in rented due to lack of mq's .
    they had a grand total of 1/2 a day to accept or his family stayed in Germany.
    He got home form a course on the wed had to work to show new bloke job till fri. when removals turned up.

    Has been to camp today to find out what the score about getting a room there or familys officer to help.. No-one on duty they say...
    Agents closed so Nothing doing till mon..
    Kind of had him over a barrell see.

    His problem is our problem because he is family and they are important !!!!

    But thank you again i will pass on who he needs to talk to now..
  14. They are lieing. There must be someone on duty at his unit. Even if it is only a duty phone orderly. There should be an emergency number for the DHE/MHS what ever.

    A Guard Commander is a good start, TELL him to call out hte ROS and why. It should be put in the book too.

    Worse case scenario, really, phone the CoC. If he was in my Tp, I certainly wouldn't mind being calle din for this.

    The Iron, agreed. I have help on a march in, a young couple (23 but you see my point) with 3 kids who had just left training. First Pad.
  15. Couple of points. I'll have to check the law but since it's a private let it's much more fun. Get Heating Engineer in yourself, fix the heating and pay bill. Make sure you tell the Letting Agent you are doing this. Pass paid Bill to Letting Agent and tell them that since they failed to fix heating in a timely manner they are repaying this or you are not paying ANY rent till the bill is covered. MAKE sure you have written this all down in a letter to the Letting Agent, posted recorded and keep a copy. MAKE sure the Letting Agent is aware that you WILL go to the Small Claims Court and sue for return of money if needed, so make sure you keep a record of all phone calls and letters, repeating all phone class with a letter laying out what was said in the call and asking if they agree with the contenst of the letter. Failure to reply to such a letter is seen by the Courts as agreeing with said letter. Any repairs that need doing on safety ground then make sure said Letting Agent is aware you will carry out the same procedure as required. A Landlord/Letting Agent has to, by law, keep a house in good order, depending upon the tenancy agreement. Check for a Gas Boiler Certifcate, if there isn't one, then they are in the poo and you can crap all over them, such as the house CAN NOT be rented out. Check with the local Council and raise a complaint with the Council as they will have a Bad landlords team. A Council can always go to court and and force repairs done, even paying for the reapirs themselves and recover the money in other ways, like getting the rent paid to them. MAKE sure the DHE and Families Officer are aware you are doing this. Since it's a private let they can't stop you.

    Try here for more technical help

    Such as
    Have fun.