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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Invicta, Dec 31, 2008.

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  1. Invicta,

    Agreed. We're clearly not working hard enough in the Corps or contributing to success! Disappointed not to see a single INT CORPS honour on the list - I also thought that our former esteemed leader would merit a pat on the back. I can tell you that 2 MI Bn did, at least, have the pleasure of announcing a GOC's Commendation on New Year's eve. Not much you might add, but for the soldier concerned it means something and it was thoroughly deserved.

    We used to see quite a lot of honours and awards in the Corps and whilst we still pick up a few in the Operational Honours list, I think these have also tailed off in the post Op BANNER world. Are we really amateurs doing a mediocre job or just crap at writing up our guys and girls?
  2. or has it just got a lot more competitive over the last 5 years?

    welcome back johnny!
  3. That gets my vote.
  4. Guess we're all too lazy to go out and earn medals... either that or too sneaky and nails. :|
  5. CR,

    I've never really been away!

    If you boil this down, you'll soon realise that I was hugely disappointed not to receive an MBE, OBE, HGV or HIV in the New Years Honours list. I can't help it, I suffer from the recently diagnosed medical condition of 'Gong Envy' which manifests itself in a deep burning sensation in the pit of the stomach and a flushed complexion akin to tremendous embarrasment each time I attend a Corps dinner!

    Having missed Iraq completely, even my impending return to Afghanistan won't result in another gong! It's been 7 long years without so much as a chocolate button! I know, I know, get some time in you'll say but my gong envy is getting worse!!! Help!
  6. Dear Deirdre

    I feel inadequate as my gong isn't as big as other gongs and when I am with the boys doing what we do I feel very embarrassed as my gong doesn't match the other guys gongs. My other half has started looking at other gongs recently and I am worried that my other half will leave me for a guy with a bigger gong. What do I do?

    Johnny English

    Dear Johnny English

    Size doesn't matter dear. If your partner really loves you they won't be overwhelmed by the massive gongs on display. Always remember that your gong is special and that you earned it. I have added a helpline which you can dial GONG ENVY AND HOW TO COPE. I hope you realise that your gong is perfectly normal and that worrying about other peoples gongs is just a passing phase.

  7. Here, have one of mine FFS!


    Its big, isn't it?
  8. Surely the obvious answer is nobody did anything worthy of an award; there's nothing that says somebody in the Int Corps has to get an award every year.
  9. At least we haven't gone down the RAF route whereby every WO who has spent 5 1/2 weeks outside of Lincolnshire recieves a Meritious Service Medal, despite whinging like t**ts because it involves a 2 1/2hr trip home every Friday from London! C**nts!!!
  10. Don't talk a load of old shat! Just because they're outside Lincolnshire doesn't mean they're in Mauritius. And anyway, there's no war in Mauritius right now. I'd know if there was. And as for the notion that it takes 2 and a half hours to get back from the Indian Ocean, you are feckin' trippin' fella!
  11. Now, we live in interesting times. I read recently that the RAF Regt is to adopt the LCpl rank. The reason for this is that it enables a better demarcation between Cpls (as sect comds) and SACs (who are not JNCOs), with the LCpl rank providing and appropriate place for the appointment of sect 2IC. I don't know whether selection for LCpl from SAC will be done on merit (which will make it the exception in the land of RAF promotions) or whether LCpls will be selected by seniority from SAC.

    It does not matter in any case, as this will provide clear evidence to the RAF in Joint units, that an RAF Cpl is an NCO, not JTs, SACs, etc. and that maybe, just maybe, RAF ranks do not have the equivalent that the RAF hierachy "wants them to have", but the equivalent that they actually have. It was amusing a few years back, for exactly the same reason, when the Royal Navy adopted the WO2 rank, which made the RAF the odd one out.

    I can almost hear the chuntering of the RAF WO fraternity now.

    By the way, Mauritius is supposed to be quite warm this time of year - I wouldn't mind a det there, whether I got a medal or not...
  12. Not anything to do with even more cuts whereby the RAF is broken up and split between the Army and the Navy by any chance? Part of an ongoing review.
  13. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  14. Will this promotion be given as a reward to deployable Flt Sgts?