NO LS&GC In here

Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by VANDAMME, Dec 22, 2010.

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  1. Not seen this mentioned before so Ile start it off with the lack of mine

    Called into the CO's office many years ago and he asked me whether or not I thought he should sign off my LS&GC
    He was a good egg and gave me that 'come on, you know as well as me they will f**k it off' look

    It pisses me off now to be honest, they were happy to feed me for 25 years but reluctant to dish out one poxy medal or at least the LS part of it
  2. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Well, if you will be a naughty boy......

    The clue is in the name. Long Service & GOOD CONDUCT.

    You don't just get it for turning up. You get it, for turning up & not getting caught when you've been naughty.
  3. got mind then agaian I was so weak to do anything naughty
  4. Of course you're not bothered. And of course everyone believes you.
  5. I'm in the 'not got' group,

    Understand why at 15 year point (2 weeks nick for breaking into cook house........ still rue not dropping the tin of pineapples)

    But after 23 years the reason was that I lost my ID card as a staffy and got fcuking charged 70quid.

    Still don't think that was valid reason

    Diggerr - I was bothered, but I am over it now

  6. The thing is...If you did the crime and did the time and paid the fine...rhymes !

    Shouldnt the MOD hold an enquiry or something simular?....after all the likes of myself and many others kept the Senior ranks gainfully employed, what did the OC have to look forward to on a dull Monday morning but our smiling faces
  7. I got mine
  8. I was charged in every unit I served in, I got my chit in and pulled the eject lever just to avoid the bitterness and disappointment LSGC near misses cause.

    I feel I'm a better man for it......Although I have plenty of other gongs to big time it with come November
  9. And me!

    After grovelling letter!
  10. Err, well I've got a 'few' more years to go, but I'm doing well so far! I am pretty untouchable when it comes to getting away with things, so it's more will I still be in after 15 than if I get done for anything.