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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by singha61, Aug 17, 2012.

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  1. Junkie dies from Anthrax mixed with heroin
    A man has died after injecting heroin contaminated with anthrax, health officials have revealed.
    The Health Protection Agency said that a person who injected drugs died from the bacterial infection in hospital in Blackpool.

    NHS Blackpool said heroin, or a contaminated cutting agent mixed with it, was the most likely source of the fatal infection.

    The death follows a spate of cases in Europe since early June, and the death of a drug user in Scotland last month.

    The agency said the source of the infection was presumed to be contaminated heroin and it was "unclear" whether the two British cases were linked to a European outbreak.
    Man dies injecting heroin contaminated with anthrax - Telegraph

    Hope more go the same way, no sympathy.
  2. Can be cut with blood and bone meal. I'm sorry to hear you've no sympathy as they're all someone's relative.
  3. Good God this is outrageous, is there no quality on these drugs? I always make sure my dealer has ISO9000 accreditation.

    Agree with you though Jarrod they are all someone's brother, sister, mother, father etc. We all **** up at one time or another.
  4. That same arguement can be applied to every chav scum, murderer, robber, rapist, mugger etc, they're all somebody's little darling, even though they spend a good part of their lives ******* up the lives of other people.

    Even if the druggy is one of the few who can afford their addiction and doesn't need to resort to crime to fund it, the supply chain of drugs is a multitude of criminal networks. At one end of that supply chain is the poppy fields out in Afghanistan. Now, some of you will know better than me, but I'm fairly certain that out in the sandy place some of those people profiting from the supply of said drugs are using the proceeds to buy bullets and bombs that are killing British squaddies, matelots/booties and crabs, and those servicemen of our allies.

    Ergo, druggies are in part responsible for the deaths of British servicemen & women. Which makes them *****, and they get no sympathy from me when they depart this mortal coil. **** 'em and good riddance.
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  5. Junkie dies from his own action?

  6. Of course no serviceman has ever used drugs or 'self-medicated'.
    Heroin is bad because the govt says it is.
  7. Contaminated with anthrax? There aren't many places in UK where you can get that. (Actually there's loads, as I'll explain...). Could the heroin have been cut or expanded, whatever the term is, with plaster? If so, it'd be worth finding out the source given that pre-1920's plaster was often reinforced with horse hair, a carrier for the anthrax spore.

    HSE only lists one occasion of a modern building worker contracting anthrax (and you have to dig deeply into their website to find this) but I suspect that many more have died because of it - it's not easily recognisable and only investigated as a possible cause of death if someone makes a point of suggesting it. And people don't suggest it because HSE produced a leaflet saying that nobody in the construction trade has contracted anthrax. The leaflet has been out quite a few years but wasn't edited when the bloke died a year after it's publication.
  8. Ah well.

    I wonder if it'll rain tomorrow?
  9. That's true Jarrod. Now, lets hope the dead smackrats mum, dad, brothers, sisters, friends, lovers etc all go round to his dealers and brass the ***** up. Dead junkies are not enough - I want dead pushers as well!!!!!!
  10. Puttees likely cut with blood and bone meal or anything such as you've suggested.
    Still a notifiable disease there has been a few cases dotted around lately throughout the UK.
  11. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Interestingly, it's the goatskin that the skag is wrapped in that is the prime vector for anthrax. I didn't know that until I discussed this very case with a Tefalhead this afternoon..
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  12. For every dealer that disappears more appear. Tolerate it and leave them to it. Let them buy morphine from the chemist.
    The recent M-Cat banning has made it hugely popular, great, well done MP's.
  13. Now Jarrod, you work in a caring (nursing) job so you often see the bigger picture than we do. Of course it's easy to say "**** yeah let's hope more die!" but as a parent I can only hope for my kids that it'll never be them.
    I would rather work off the old "nothing good to say, say nothing" rule than leap in but you've got to understand some peoples opinion of it as they often have had a bad experience with them.
    Myself, I've had no contact with them so just think "glad it's no one I know" and move onto the next thread.
  14. That's interesting I've not heard that before, sounds reasonable.
  15. Not just goats. Bit of an occupational hazard for those making traditional drums from imported animal skins

    BBC NEWS | UK | Magazine | How dangerous is drum making?