No longer sad news for all Feelgood / Wilko fans

I seen them live in Manchester in around `95 , Embassy club if I remember right.
There used to be a good live music pub, 'The Torrington' in North Finchley, London. He was a regular up there, along with Steve Gibbons, and lots of r'n'b types, Steve Marriot used to play there too.

They might be the last genuine popular musicians in an age of ever increasing Cowelisation of the genre.


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Saw him at Corn Exchange in Cambridge, excellent stuff. His girl friend ( one he wrote a song about) was a very close family friend and took me along. Brilliant set.
For those who don't already know, there's a very good documentary DVD about the Feelgoods called ' Oil City Confidential'. Available for about a tenner in all good South American rainforests.
Went to see Dr. Feelgood at old Liverpool Stadium in late '70's.Thought they were great,especially when Wilco went off on one them jerky,eye popping solos.
One last tour still going ahead.
Unfortunately they have the dubious distinction of being the only band still going that has replaced all of the original members. I was handing money over for tickets at King Tuts last October when it was mentioned in passing so I made a hasty but sad exit.

I'll be really pleased if he does manage to play a few dates before he pegs it, but I expect tickets will be rarer than sleeping bags, large.

Didn't see Feelgood live but saw Wilko's solid senders in 1980(ish)

Not good news, but then again given the abuse he gave it, his body has hung on in there for a lot longer than expected.
Saw Dr Feelgood at reading in 1975 - great band.

Saw 'em shed loads of times - fan bloody tastic every time. Even current line up are Brill (no pun). Could they be the ultimate tribute act??
I was in Saaaafend last week (my wife's family live there) reading 'Game of Thrones' when her Uncle mentions that he's friend with someone on the TV series. Describes him as an intimidating looking bald bloke so I pipes up I know who he means, turns out it's Wilko.
Sadly ironic that he is in the news for all the wrong reasons this week.
I saw my dad go from 15st to 4st over 6 months with pancreatic cancer before he died, really hops that he, or anyone else for that matter, have to go through that.
Will definately download some Dr Feelgood now after tapping my foot through the OPs link.
Went to see Dr. Feelgood at old Liverpool Stadium in late '70's.Thought they were great,especially when Wilco went off on one them jerky,eye popping solos.

Christ that takes me back, I think I was there for that one, and also saw them a few years later at the BierKeller for a New Years eve bash. Fantastic band, up there with Alex Harvey as one of the true great pub bands.
Sad news was listening to one of the Feelgood singles collections in the car today, great driving music.
I first saw them live while visiting my aunt who lived in Canvey Island, must have been '78'or there abouts. My cousin took me to some grotty pub and whoa wtf!! Stilll one of the best gigs I've been too.
Saw them heaps of other times supporting other Brit bands such as Squeeze in the 80s.
My personal favourite song? Roxette. Wilco chop guitar at it's best.

Saw the Wilko Johnson Band at the Bulldog Bash a few years ago. Had not twigged he was in Dr Feelgood so was pleasantly surprised. Norman Watt-Roy was playing bass, and very well too.
Great driving music? Yep perhaps, but only if you drive in short forwards and backwards bursts while staring manically through your windscreen at other road users.
Huzzah! Another graduate of the Wilko School of Driving and I thought it was only me.
The Oil City DVD is good, narrated throughout by Wilco. Saw the Feelgoods at the Feelgood Bar Canvey Island at their 2nd to last gig a few months before Lee Brilleux died and can be heard on the gig CD making a noise!!
Saw the Feelgoods live in 77. Lee Brilleaux nearly knocked me over rushing up a flight of steps the next day. He had very long lanky legs!

Also saw Wilko play with the Blockheads. Sad news.

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