No longer 'Cheese eating surrender monkeys' - The French have gonnads

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Rod924, Jul 14, 2010.

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  1. Rod924

    Rod924 LE Reviewer

  2. My favourite part of this whole debacle is that the socialist party was initially rabidly anti ban until two things happened,

    firstly the fringe of the party pointed out that whilst universal socialism was colour blind it did necessitate mono-culturalism and the ending of the role of religion in politics (they had been going down the happy clappy new labour RELIGION IS THE WIN! path in the 90s).

    Then the femenist wing of the party just simply turned around and said taking a stand against this item of female oppression was worth losing a sizeable chunk of the voter base over. Which took balls.

    Well done France, though expect this to be shot down in the ECHR - however the french will probably just ignore the ruling.
  3. As they seem delighted to keep kow-towing to the sodding so-called Muslim Council of Great Britain.

  4. Apparently polls show 75% of the French public support the ban, it would appear that in France the government listens to the people.
    I would favour a similar ban inthe UK, I find the Burkha offensive and incompatable with British values and culture.

    As for the woman wearing one with sunglass's in Oldham the other week, she just looked like a very fat Darth Vader.
  5. How do you know it was a woman?
  6. 82% in froggyland
    71% in Germany
    62% in the UK
    59% in Spain
    All support a ban.
    A ban on all face covering without good reason (and religion isnt a good reason) is what is needed in the UK.
  7. I'm sure this has been asked before, but...

    At banks, fuel stations etc where they ask motorcyclists to remove helments for security reasons, do Burkha'd women use the religion get out clause,or just not bother going in?
  8. Big saggy tits and brats in tow
  9. Elementary my dear Watson !

  10. I shall write to my MP and tell him that if the Tories don't ban the Burkha, me and my family won't vote for them.
  11. How many shop assistants or bank clerks would have the independence of spirit to ask, knowing that they wouldn't be supported by the law or their management?
  12. Won't happen here as the government (this lot and the last lot) do not have the balls to even think about it.
  13. Public opinion may force the government to change that attitude.
    Several prominent former Labour ministers believe immigration may have cost them the election. The new government are well aware of the strength of public feeling. They might not do anything much until they have to but if pushed they will.
  14. Over here, we would/will have no chance of doing the same however much support there is to it from the public because the courts and police will simply not tolerate such a law. EHCR etc , racism etc will be quoted and thus no anti-burka law.

    Oh and don't forget their human rights and the greed of the likes of Cherie Blair et al...
  15. The Burka actually infringes my 'uman rights, as being a bit on the mutton side I use lipreading to effectivley communicate and anyone who covers their mouth for whatever reason stops me being able to understand fully, add an accent to that and I am sunk faster than a battleship in the South Atlantic.