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okay here's a new one I certainly havent encountered.

I shut down a laptop to replace a mouse button on the motherboard, switched back on and the win7 login screen has disappeared. all you get is wallpaper, ease of actions and the restart button, nowhere to sign in.

safe mode all options the same and using a repair disc doesnt help as it tells me windows booted fine, tried to run sfc from a prompt.

web search has similar complaints following windows updates over a year ago but all solutions involved factory restore or fresh install which would be a pain so before I go through the motions I thought I'd see if anyone has any ideas or has come across it before.
not sure if its possible for you but,

if you can remove the hdd from the lappy, connect it to another win7 machine (personally i use a caddy for this sort of thing)

use a decent av product to investigate the drive and then either use pcfixit from ms website to identify and fix any problems with the drive or, alternatively use google and then navigate to the relevant registry keys and add/edit them to bring hte login screen back.

a 3rd option would be to create a regedit thumdrive on a seperate machine, plug it into the laptop and run the file,
a 4th option would be to have it spun up, on a network connection from a second machine access the drive through an elevated comand prompt and then ustilise the xcopy to replace directory and registry files or strings,

of course the hdd caddy option is also good to save any personal files or programs so that htey cna be copied back after a new install of the drive (lukcilly win7 loves it when you drag and drop installed programs from one drive to another so long as they have there own stand alone install folder, if you routinely drop everythign in program files folder then its more problematic to access them, personally i would save all my data and then play with it a bit, who knows just copying any missing files from a known good install drive onto the not working one might work8)


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did all that with no joy and ended up doing a restore just like everyone else I found with that issue. I even tried the command prompt regedit you use to hack into accounts with lost passwords to activate a guest account with no joy.

some very odd windows updates doing the rounds, just fixed a machine which decided not to recognise any peripherals.
the last time i had problems like that it was down to dodgy memory, the stuff thats supplied by the vendor is normally not the best match for the mobo/bios/cpu, and when you start getting wierd os errors, especially if its all the same make n modle of machine i would start to look at dodgy hardware, if it was strange things happening after installing an update it would be far more widespread and affect multiple platforms(make modle etc) so far as i can tell its only a select few that are reported as having problems.

that or people are just too lazy to have already upgraded all there devices and flashed ther ebios to the newest stable version (asus for example releases updates to there mobo bios quite frequently) but i'm glad you gigured out a way of fixing it. theres a whole bunch of ways to enter the system if you have a need but normally hitting ctl+alt+del 2 times will bring up the main backdoor admin login (which a lot of system builders leave as with a blank password) and unless its been activated (normally shows up as in the accounts area) you cant disable or change the password, using safe mode is ok if you have time to fanny about, builtin back door if your in a rush :)
i just read something about the no login screen problem, it would apear there was some internet nasty that was the roue cause of the trouble, perhaps you would be better served by backing up all personal data and formatting the affected machines.

it would apear that some free pc app's are the source.

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