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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Occams Chainsaw, Aug 12, 2013.

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  1. Since my AFCO shut down and the staff are squatting in the TA centre they are not giving advice about joining so I wondered if you guys could help with a couple of queries please. My questions are relevant to now because I need to start preparing for stuff since I've sent off my online application.

    My first one is what the physical requirements for Int Corps are. I did look through the Int Corps threads on here and also on the Joining Up section of but couldn't find anything on run times, push/pull/sit ups, weight requirements etc. Could anyone post a link to that info if they know of one lying around somewhere that I missed?

    Second, my parents are asking for a time-frame for joining. I have told them it varies but my mum wants to know a rough sort of time. A year? Less? More? etc.

    I also want to know what 'academic subjects' means at GCSE. is that just sciences, languages, history and geography? Would AS levels be accepted in lieu of GCSEs? I ask because my GCSEs were not really academic - resistant materials, motor vehicles and road user studies, drama etc. I wanted to get the 'exploration' out of my system at that period in my life. I've got ASs in biology, chemistry, maths and physics so obviously I am capable of pursuing academic subjects - I just chose not to at GCSE.

    Any help would be appreciated because when I called the AFCO number on the TA centre gate the guy who answered basically said that it wasn't their job to help potential recruits now and it is all done online.

  2. Since I am set on joining The Corps I figured I should ask on this part of the forum. I guess you think I was wrong. I'll try to get rid of this thread and ask on there instead. Thanks.
  3. Road user studies?! What sort of a GCSE is that? Sounds intriguing....

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  4. Motor vehicles and Road User Studies. Basically, it was learning about the engine of a car and preparation for a Theory Test. I also learned to ride a moped and got my provisional when I completed the course. It was quite a fun course tbh!
  5. I'd spend an hour or so looking through what is already there before leaping-in with questions. You may well find the answers there, and it would save others wading-in with their cyber-boots......

    Good luck, BTW.
  6. Yeah, that section does seem more geared to what I'm asking and it looks like my questions have probably already be answered there.

    Cheers. I'm looking forward to my career choice!
  7. You're in as good a place as any if you want Int Corps specific questions answered. Just don't be surprised if you have to wait until people get out of bed before you get an answer. Come back at midday to check for replies.

    While you're waiting, peruse cloudbuster's link. Within it are the answers to the questions that you asked.