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No LOA for troops


:'(good to see the mod screw the nut for everyone going on the forth comming op of the new centuary. By doing a bit of penny pinching and not paying the troops loa while they are at the fmb we can understand we shouldnt get any when we cross the border but what justification are they using for not giving it while we live next to our tax free troops. Perhaps they'er going to give us free shaving gel and blades since they want us clean shaven everyday due to the invisible WMD threat. Can anyone give an answer on why no loa


Probably because in Kuwait the GBPound is worth about 20 camels! Plus there is only McDonalds to spend your hard earnt cash!


mod has turned into a complete nightmare ever since all the cut backs, not only that its gonna go from bad to worse  :mad:
My understanding is that troops are never given LOA when Field Conditions apply, because they pay no food and accom charges.

Also, you cannot be in receipt of LOA at the same time as LSSA - its one or the other.
redcrossrupert said:
Also, you cannot be in receipt of LOA at the same time as LSSA - its one or the other.

Not true, i was on Op Keeling in Sierra Leone and we got both LSSA and LOA, mainly cos we there was no welfare package (there was no electricity for first 2 and a half weeks)
I seem to remember reading in the 'Under Big Ben' column in Soldier magazine whilst idling my time away in Basra Airport, that some minister had stated that LOA was not being paid to the troops because we were supplied with the Operational Welfare Package.

Seems a lot to pay for a three day copy of the Daily Mirror, a TV we were allowed to watch for an hour a day and a promise of an internet cabin some time in the future.


I think if you are deployed from germany (or another area where LOA is already paid) you keep it, and get LSSA on top. Maybe somebody from Alf Garnets Commando's could confirm the rules?


There has always been a run off period for LOA. If you went from Germany and were getting LOA to the sand box you would get LOA at full rate for a bit and then it drops to a risidual rate.

LOA is a Living over seas allowance and is supposed to make up the differance in the cost of living. The Army view is that your cost of living in Iraq is nil. LSSA is to compensate you for being shot at and not seeing the wife and kid.

As far as the welfare package goes I thought it was Krap. The phones cause more problems than they solved, I only saw a TV in Camp Eagle on the way back, and the internet was at Shiaba if you could get there.

I am realistic, and expected sod all, but dont take the p*ss and say that your not getting more cash as we are providing all these wonderful things.

We were fighting a war and a bit of extra cash or even not having to pay so much tax would have been better than a week old daily mail.

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Youo no longer drop to residual rates of LOA. If you are married and your family stay in the country of residence that you were serving ie, Germany then you will keep full LOA for the full length of your tour ie, Bosnia, Kosovo or Gulf plus you get you LSSA. The reason that LOA is not paid for the Gulf is that it is given to offset the standards of living. In the Gulf etc there is not a high standard of living. If you are serving from Germany you still have to pay your bills there and that is why you keep it.

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