No live rounds but extra $11Bn for IMF

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Blogg, Aug 31, 2009.

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  1. Really does not get much more idiotic than this: $11Bn just to make a point.


    .......$11bn of extra British assistance to the International Monetary Fund's budget for helping low-income countries weather the storm, which the chancellor will officially announce on Tuesday.

    It virtually doubles the $15bn which Gordon Brown's government pledged to the IMF as part of the London summit agreement in April to treble its capital resources to $750bn.
  2. Aren't we a "low income country"? I could do with a billion or two in my gaff.
  3. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    exactly where are we getting the eleven billion from exactly?

  4. Seriously, can't we get rid of this incompetent bunch of f*@king clowns. They have absolutely no idea how to prioritise what they should be spending our money on. Whether they like it or not; we are at war in Afghanistan and that should be where the money should be going not to some third world sh*tehole. Instead they increase taxes and put up fuel duty - again! Get a grip you bunch of chimps. Can they be impeached for stupidity? Why are we the only country on the f*@king planet that squares other people away before looking after the interests of our own.

    Rant over.

    Cyclops is a cnut.
  5. The entire IMF is a gigantic American scam to divert our taxpayers money to third world dictators so that they can import armaments, dams, power stations, fancy railways and other useless kit from the US of A. (less wedge off the top to Warlords and Corrupt regime to be deposited in Swiss banks and thence back into US banks to fund their own fiscal deficit.).
  6. The vast bulk of overseas aid isn't in the form of a suitcase of used tenners but the UK government underwriting equipment orders placed with UK firms. I'll hold off boarding the outrage bus until I see what the terms of this are.

    Save me a seat, though...
  7. You left your tinfoil hat behind I see :twisted:
  8. This is the sort of lunacy that would make normal British citizens vote for near-radical parties like the BNP gang.
    We don't have the money to give away, I don't see the point in us taking loans out just to donate the money to another country. Make the damn end recipients take the loan out in the first place, jeez, how can our government do this.

    If what smartascarrots has said is right, then we would be better served by spending the money underwriting/paying for projects IN BRITAIN which will also hopefully mean more jobs at lower cost to the employers (compared to working overseas).

    Outrage bus ticket bought anyway.
  9. And don't get me started on quasi government organisations like Halliburton. ;)
  10. If Joe Public did this sort of spending they'd be hauled before a creditors court.

    Enough already.

    0+0 still makes 0!
  11. I suspect you will be needing the seat.
    Mr Brown is not famous for his financial prudence these days. Besides, this isn't a foreign aid program, its a contribution to the IMF and I don't think they take discount vouchers on UK produced goods.
  12. The IMF is the cash cow that is supposed to be there in case of global melt down......

    I think we're too late.
  13. Election, now, please!......
  14. More of our hard earned cash handed to another bunch of bankers! How novel!!
  15. And who was it that sent us there.
    They should have booted the cnut out of the chinook over the green zone,
    Save me a ticket. :evil: