No Lebanon role for Prescott

He'd only go and play croquet or something anyway.
Quite right too, the last thing we need is a diplomatic incident caused by that pie eating chimp getting into fisiticuffs with the Israeli PM.

Having said that if we fuel him up with Stella and airdrop him into Lebanon he could stop the conflict altogether...
What is required to stop the fighting and obtain a lasting ceasefire is a large expendable inanimate object, capable of acting as a buffer zone between North Israel and Lebanon.

I'd have thought Prescott would be perfect...
This may actually been the first correct foreign policy decision they've made this century. One more and they'll officially be on a roll.
I rather like the idea of the USAF sending a C5 to pick up Marge Beckett and her caravan and her arriving at the UN HQ in it! Then again I also like the idea of them opening the real doors at 30000 feet and the pilot doing a quick nose-up at stall speed over the Atlantic...
Why send John Prescot to do any thing that could involve tact and diplomancy. The guy is a tool who would just antagonise a very difficult situation. What makes me laugh is how long the UN have taken to come up with a DRAFT cease fire proposal. Typical UN, can't make up their mind so will just sit on the fence and mince.
Apparently the Franch and the Americans put a proposal together (That's history in the making in itself) but the other Arab nations veto'ed it. Typical...
armchair_jihad said:

what would it take to issue the order 'deploy Prescott'?


Perhaps the following:

Members of the Lebanese electorate that need a leathering?
A large consignment of pies arrives in Beirut that needs eating?
A number of large houses needs a sponging waste of space to live in them?
An increase in media gaffes is required?
Too many Jaguars, not enough sweating lard buckets to drive them?
Prescott is a tool! hear hear.

What is he doing? No portfolio, No staff, No job. Why is he still in office? Obviously for the Labour Government rules do not apply.

Its ok to shag anybody/thing you like.....
Its ok to accept gifts and "forget" to list them. (if i'm investigated, i'll be found guilty, but TCB won't sack me..)

Why should we obay rules and regs if our leaders can't be bothered...What a f*cking T8sser!!!

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