No kissing in Zanzibar say Islamists

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by FunkyNewBlood, May 5, 2005.

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  1. Reference the Bold bit highlighted above.

    I love the logic of it all. May be we should start segregation, oh, hang on, we'd be racist.......
  2. Zanzibar as a whole needs diversity training.....whoops sorry only white christian countries need that :roll:
  3. You Infidel!!!! :lol:
  4. We need to learn more tolerance, to the extent of conforming to Islamic standards, it's the Muslim tolerance dream! That'll satisfy them.....................
  5. It's always been the case in Zanzibar; I suppose the spread of touristi facilities into the areas previously regarded as traditional (Stone town and thereabouts) is what has generated this. Unfortunately a lot of said touristis arrive on the island badly briefed about the local political and religious atmosphere. The people are more Arab than Swahili and overwhelmingly Muslim, unlike the mainland. Still a brilliant base for a bit of deep-sea fishing leave. Go to the Eastern side.
  6. Zanzibar.........Britains shortest and most successful war. Sometime in the 19th century Sultan of Zanzibar got uppity so sent a gunboat [those wer the days!] Fired opening salvos and he proptly a good chap should
  7. All over in 37 minutes, I believe (from first shot to formalities of surrender being completed).
  8. No problem with this myself. You go to a different country, you show a bit of respect for their culture.

    Been to Zanzibar a few years ago and it was fantastic. Very much recommend it.

    ...and dont come back with 'they dont show any respect when they come to our country...'. :roll: Do as you would be done by! :D
  9. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Wasn't Freddy Mercury from Zanzibar? ;)

    He said he wanted to break free, and lucky for him he did. I'm not sure how they would have taken to him prancing about in tights!!!

  10. Oh oh oh!! Can we can we can we pleeeeeease? Pretty please with a razor wired enclave on top??

    How about the opposite then when in a non-Muslim country they dress like the locals and act like the locals? Can I claim they are 'disturbing the peace' when the mullah warbles at stupid o'clock? Like fcuk I would be allowed :roll:
  11. mizkrissi:
    Purely out of interest, do the mullahs do this in the UK/Oz/anywhere else in the Western world? I get woken most mornings at sunrise by a chorus of them, all trying to out-holy each other, but don't remember hearing it in the UK, even thought there are mosques all over the place now.
  12. just to continue the aside, we sent him a bill for the cannonballs afterwards. No joke. :lol:
  13. No, they are not allowed to by law. Noise control regs or something, I think.

    Heard this story from a former Anglican bishop for the Gulf. Maggie Thatcher was speaking to the president of Saudi Arabia at the time and he asked her when the adhan (call to prayer) would ring out over London. Her answer: 'When church bells can be heard over Riyadh.'
  14. Don't know about the UK but out here near where I am yes they do and there have been multiple complaints lodged about it even going so far as to say "can you at least turn the fcuking amp down if you are going to keep doing it". They just got any court orders etc overruled claiming freedom of religion. They did, however, decide to make themselves a little more community friendly when someone went and bombed the mosque for them.

    ...not that I endorse the actions of those involved at all...