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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Glad_its_all_over, Jul 15, 2009.

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  1. Those who remember me from my long but inglorious career will recall that under no circumstances could I ever have been characterised as any sort of a fitty; quite the contrary. Too many cigarettes and, in the day, too much booze, pretty much destroyed any potential for fitness I might ever have had. My own inherent sloth took care of any that was left over.

    Imagine how miffed the medical profession was when I was in hospital a couple of weeks ago (silly little motorbike accident with unexpected consequences) and had to admit that, despite 36 years or so of the Embassy Number Ones, there is no sign on my lung X-Rays of any smoking-related damage.

    I just thought I'd share that.

    GIAO the smug bastard
  2. Ha ha - good one Glad - hope you're suitably recovered.

    Notice that you didn't write-up the results of the brain scan!

  3. You dropped the GSXR?
  4. Yep, truly stupid little low-speed off on the Brussels Ring Road in heavy traffic. Some very minor cosmetics to the bike, I went over the top and landed flat on my back, did a load of muscles, plus three ribs and punctured a lung. Got the bike trucked back to UK via Euro breakdown insurance, came back the next day with all luggage etc (not an easy carry) by Eurostar/First Great Western (had no intention of throwing myself into a Belgique hospital) and realised when nearly home that the shortness of breath was probably a collapsed lung - and so it was.

    I can recommend A&E at the Great Western Hospital in Swindon, first rate triage and hot snot at getting a drain in. Less enthusiastic about the wards, I spent six days in and found myself nostalgic for the DOKMH or BMH Berlin.
  5. I am not sure which I hate you for the most GIAO! Having healthy lungs or having a great bike. These days I have neither! :cry:

    Not much of a liver left either.........and my back, sheesh, don't get me started!
  6. re brain scan
    ex member of int corp
    they have brain scanners not electron microscopes :twisted:
  7. It'll all have gone on the arteries then.

  8. I'm entering you into this years 'dead-pool'. I reckon a bus has your name on it.
  9. Alas, as part of the general regime, I got the full check - cholestorol, BP, heart - everything in super shape. I reason that's my reward for seeing a doctor three times in the last ten years.
  10. I'm hoping for at least a 42-tonne artic in a huge accident with lots of fire.
  11. I now have a mental image of Gladys, sliding sedately on his arrse down the road with a No1 jauntily dangling from his lips and an insufferably smug expression. Mental image improves as he slides off the road into a ditch full of finest Belgian shoite!
  12. i'm gonna argue with this medical opinion.

    you had a punctured lung. if you hadn't been using one hand to smoke a big fat Havana whilst riding round the Bruxelles ring road, you wouldn't have crashed your fucking bike in the first place :D

    p.s. glad you're not dead.

    p.p.s. hey, perhaps that should be your new ID!
  13. The traffic surveillance camera shows that it was the double Macciato in the other hand that was the trouble 8O
  14. Wash your mouth out, quadruple espresso, extra strong, in a mug.

    And not champagne at several hundred quid for a bottle in a cigar bar which doesn't allow you to smoke.
  15. that's what they said to him just with capital G and a strategic comma