No justice for the decent, only for the sh!t.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by The_Seagull, Mar 11, 2007.

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  1. :pissedoff:
    I know that the police aren't beloved by a lot of ARRSERS, and i'm not posting this because the victim in this sad case is a police officer (i'd be as mad if it was any decent person) but you've got to admit that this proves what is going wrong in the UK and why the rights of those who should have none are undermining the rights of decent people everywhere.

    Updated by

    Taken up in the press (maybe for their own ends but at least it's in the mainstream media now)

    This man's, and that of his family's, life has been effectively ended, yet the persons responible for his condition will be walking around London in 3 years from now.
  2. I would`nt consider a 7.62 in the head excessive punishment for those fukkers.
  3. There will be a backlash against this madness. Its only a question of when really.

    I feel for Dan and his family. I cant imagine what they are going through now. I really hope Turner and Samuels carry on living in London...
  4. Pure madness.

    Let's hope the scumbuckets meet with a suitable and well deserved 'accident'.
  5. I hope that he can make a full recovery. It makes my blood boil that most of these fcukwits who we call judges seem to have the interest of criminals at heart. Maybe if one their own was on the end of a similar kicking they may take a different view.
  6. There'll not be any backlash as people in this country don't give enough of a f*ck to care. That lad will be forgotten about in about a week.

    These two will be lording it soon enough. Not really fair is it? But it is becoming the accepted norm in Bliars 'Tough on Crime, tough on the causes of crime' UK.

    I'm still wondering when the 'tough' bit is going to come into effect because I can't see anyone being 'tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime' yet.

    The Home Secretary needs to step in here.

    F*cking tragedy.
  7. I've tried to write what I feel but it does'nt work, no words can describe the contempt I feel for the judge.
  8. remember that judges are given sentencing guidelines - in effect they have to apply a set of rules given to them by the Home Office.

    Rules like 'if they plead guilty then half the sentence' and 'probation possible after half served' means the 10 yr stretch the judge wanted to give possibly becomes 30 months.
  9. RH these are guidelines

    a Judge can use his discretion and impose the max sentence

  10. Much as I'd love to write some vitriolic attack on you, I find myself ( a serving police officer ) agreeing with you. It's not the judges per se, but as has been alluded to, the guidelines and rules they are also bound by.
    I pass my regards to the young mans family and my heartfelt sorrow at their suffering and hope and pray it never visits my wife or children, but am writing this in the full knowledge that our society will never change.
    Until we can suitably punish those who break the law (everyone who breaks it!) then we are stuck watching these types of things happening again and again.

  11. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    I hope hell awaits them in whatever institute they end up in, although they will be the 'celebrities' for a while being 'cop beaters'!

    Cowardly bastards!
  12. Replace "head" with "stomach"
  13. Replace 7.62 with acid injection!
  14. unfortunately, said Hell will probably consist of reasonably comfortable accomodation, 3 meals (at a cost greater than a soldiers) a day, a fully functioning gym (unlike my police HQ which is sh!te), and plenty to do. :pissedoff:

    Unlike Dan, who's life revolves around staying in his bed all day, unable to do anything other than be fed through and breath through a tube.

    Now that's hell.
  15. No, too quick, you would want them to feel an apt physical punishment.
    I hope the proverb "what goes around come around" really comes two-fold for these evil bstards. And the video is put on YouTube for all to see.