No jumps for Paras as MoD cuts £1bn

Discussion in 'Tanks, planes & ships' started by Fred_Cat, Dec 17, 2006.

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  1. Look, let's be sensible. There's no other way of funding our social outreach to Africa, Bangladesh and the newer members of the EU. What's more important? Our identity, culture and national security, or the on-message message which Nu Lab and its' viral progenitors wish to see like engraved on their monuments?
  2. I have worked out TB's (it's a disease that sneaks up on you) cunning plan.
    Let's be nice to all our enemies miles away. When they all calm down we can just attack the closer ones by driving there.
  3. Well, if they're looking to cut costs, then not deploying units operationally helps. An even better way is to get rid of the regiments entirely so they can't even be deployed. An even better way is not to have an Army so no one can even think of using it. Better yet, get rid of the NHS and the dole. Get rid of council housing, get rid of the police and get rid of anything else that people might consider using. Then the government will have plenty of money to spend on getting more civil servants and bean counters.

    Honestly. Only from the MOD could you get something like the Parachute Regiment not being allowed to train with parachutes. Next we'll be hearing that the navy woun't be allowed to use their ships due to a lack of fuel, oh wait already happened. Of course the RAF are happy cos they're still getting their Typhoons.
  4. well if that is the case you might as well tell the REMe not to demand a spare for the the vehicle until it is just about to be sent out on ex/ops/butty run
  5. Might as well amalgimate us with the reme then and use us to push landrovers out of holes. Fcuking Outrageous.
  6. I cannot help feeling that there will have to be 'some' parachute training.Maybe the French will help out??????
  7. Correct me if I'm wrong but we seem to be in a worse mess now than we were in the late 70s under the last Labour government.

    In those days we had a navy with big carriers and fast jets; paratroopers busy paratrooping; no widespread hospital closures; NHS dentists and opticians; kids who could read by the age of 11 etc, etc, etc.

    Do you think Gordo will realise that socialism doesn't work before he is booted out of office at the next election?
  8. So

    Paras are hats now.

    Fcukin hats. I hate em.
  9. Was told about this by a grown up last year, it's such a shame.

    At present we have the best airborne forces in the world, now we'll have the best penguins in the world.

    It's got to damage their reputation, how can you have paras that don't jump, even if it is just a test of courage and not something usefull operationally anymore.

    Even if they award wings for the baloon jump it must be a hell of a demotivation to anyone attempting P coy.
  10. Well what a shock, stabbed in the back from those in downing st in 1 foul swoop whatever recruitment gain from the recent stint in AFgan has given them it's lost overnight so within the next few years what will make the paras more inviting than a local unit? no mention of cutting back on the civil service dross in the MOD that tie up much more funds no they have employer rights :x . However it would be an interesting one should a serving para take the MoD to an employment tribunrial due to change of job role and loss of pay should they lose their jump money
  11. The worst part is that the general public is so indiferent these days that they don't see the country going to the dogs, there too busy reading Hello and watching big brother.

    at least in the seventies people cared that the country was heading down the sh!tter.

    instead of a winter of discontent, we'll have a winter of "sod it corries on and I'm already 10k in debt so who gives a f**k what happens, I'll just bury my head in the sand and eat pies"
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  12. Jumping out of planes is what makes the parachute regiment the parachute regiment. It's their identity, their pride, what makes them the soldiers that they are.

    And does it even cost that much!? What the FCUK.
  13. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Nice to know that the Bliar & his Godless communist horde really appreciate the sacrifices HM Abn forces have made on their behalf.
    Is he frightened of a Brit (ie successful) version of 1REP's putsch ?

    Let's see, jump pay x four years x troops: £ 145.- x 48 x 2500 = £ 17,400,000.-
    The other £ 82,600,000.- must be the Log Sp, mainly the A/C, fuel, maintainance, & salaries of the ground and aircrews concerned.
    Looks like there will be a kakhuisvol of Crabs being made redundant for four years.

    So, for a some loose change Para Reg loses recruitment which has a direct bearing on the Gun Club's recruiting too.
    They just don't think things through, do they ?
  14. Time to jump a little further East then. How many chalks/sticks/exits can you make out of an IL-76?