No Job? Getting Veterans Agency Payments? Please read......

Maybe of use to some

The Veterans Agency have sent a record of EVERY person in receipt of a Pension or any "one-off" payment to the Department of Work & Pensions.

If you claim ANY Benefits, you should inform the Dept that you are in receipt of a pension or any payments so that they can use it AGAINST you and reduce your benefit. Those who have not declared their Pension or payments should be aware that DWP Fraud Dept's are now getting the info (25/10/07) and are due to act on it.

The same list will be matched against Council Tax Benefit & Housing Benefit by Local Authorities eventually.

This applies to people of working age and retired.


This is just another list to add to their collection, the already have the following;- Interest paying accounts, NON Interest paying accounts, Compensation payments, IR Tax & NI deductions, Mortgage payments, Student Loans and all the usual DWP claims to cross check.

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