No, it isnt another FI thread - this is about the INCAs

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Biped, Mar 2, 2010.

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  1. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    About 400 years ago, the heartless Spanish invaders of the INCA lands, (now known under the occupiers title of 'Argentina') massacred aproximately 60,000 defenceless natives in the process of stealing their land from them during the Colonial conquests by the Spanish that saw many, many hundreds of thousands of indigenous people around the world die by the sword or disease, simply so that the remainder could lose their lands in perpetuity to the greedy Spanish invaders. Spain, for many, many years grew fat on the stolen gold, not only of the Incas, but the Aztecs too (another race of people utterly destroyed by the colonial Conquistadors).

    They not only massacred these Inca people, they stole their gold, smashed their shrines and holy places and took ALL their land from them.

    To this day, these descendents of the Spaniards still live in the occupied territories of the Inca people and still govern them. They have subverted their language and culture and have ruled for many years, not by democracy, but by using the iron boot-heel of a 'Junta' or dictatorship.

    We in the West, with the help of the UN should bring an end to this evil, and free the indigenous Inca from their despotic rulers so that this colonial crime of the 16th century can be laid to rest, and the peace-loving Incas can once again have their land, freedom, culture, religion and most importantly, language back.

    The Spanish should apologise to the remainder of the Inca people, and their should be a Truth and Reconciliation committee in Argentina, that will hopefully bring about the restoration of the oppressed tribes of those lands, and the renaming of the place as 'Incaland'.

    Let us push for the correction of this evil!!!
  2. You will also be wanting the Normans to be help resposible for invading the Southern part of Britain :)
  3. I imagine the yanks would be only too glad to help free the indigenous peoples of the Americas from the jackboot of European colonialist oppression...

  4. Incaland eh? Sounds good, catchy. Almost like Eng-er-land. The Argies should be able to slip that nicely into the football terraces, works at Wemb-er-ly.

    Inca-land, Inca-land, Inca-laaaaaaa-nd
  5. I can see where you're going with this. Alas, the Inca Empire existed in Peru, which is kind of at the other end of S America from Argentina. Pity.
  6. Damn historical facts, damn maps, damn the truth, damn them all!!!!
  7. Sorry, duckula, I didn't mean to rain on your parade. As an ex-rupert, I'm naturally sensitive to anything to do with maps, mainly because my Troop Sergeant wouldn't let me play with one that often.
  8. Don't apologise to me, it's Biped that put the effort in.
    It's this type of contradiction based on 'facts' that is ruining this country you know.

    Argentina is responsible for:

    1. Global warming
    2. The Kennedy assassination
    3. Flared trousers
    4. NHS glasses
    5. David Hasslehoff
    6. Dog sh*t

    Just because a map says the Inca's aren't where they're supposed to be, shouldn't be an excuse to let them off yet another disgusting act.
  9. FFS we are talking politics here and all you can do is bring up facts- You are not a Labour politician because you would have blamed Thatcher and I claim my fiver.
  10. Sorry, going to have to correct you there. I'm afraid it has been scientifically proven that Jeremy Clarkson is responsible for global warming. At least, the professor who destroyed the evidence said so. But the Argies ARE responsible for:
    The culture of hoodies
    Turkey Twizzlers
    Janet Street-Porter's teeth and voice
    George Galloway
    The Berlin Wall
    those bogeys that refuse to be picked without causing a nosebleed.
  11. The danger in persuing the matter of inserting non-indiginous people by European expansionist-colonialist nations in favour of the aboriginal races, is that a significant part of Patagonia is populated by descendants of Welsh settlers.

    Do you really want them returned to the Land of their Fathers?
  12. Oh. Now I'm beginning to understand why he kept the map away from me.

    Politics? I thought we were playing the blame game. Oh wait - same thing. Sorry.
  13. best laugh ive had all day this thread, duckula your a genius.
  14. I f*ckin knew it!!!! Only a race a dispicable and vulgar as the Argies could have come up with such a vile thing.......b*stards :x :x

    As for Clarkson being responsible for global warming, well, I bow to your superior knowledge. I will add however that, I have it on good authority that the Argies are responsible for his hair.
  15. That's true.
    Allegedly, they are also to blame for Strictly Come Dancing. The investigation is pending.