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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Joker62, Apr 23, 2013.

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  1. Just watched the BBC News, they reported on a burial of 2 WW1 Tommies. The bearer party seem to be wearing No1 Dress but there was no regimental insignia on the collars, any ideas?
  2. Didn't see it but heard about on the radio. Were they a British bearer party or could they have been French?

    I have no idea what French dress uniform looks like.
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  3. How the cold winter nights must fly by in your house!!
  4. From memory the dirty filthy phlegms don't wear any collar insignia, they have enough shit elsewhere....mind you it's a bit much expecting a Belgian to don any uniform nowadays.......

  5. Thanks for the link - the tv report that I saw did not show Prince Michael in attendance.
  6. If you look ever so closely at the cap badges that are apparent, (including that on the B&W photo of Private Elphick),the belt buckles, and the badge of rank on the Sergeant Major, they are all similar to that of the Grenadier Guards, although on the Headstones of the fallen they are commemorated with the older badge of I think a dragon speared by a lance or something similar. This is because during the First World War, I believe, they were affiliated to the Grenadier Guards and fought as Infantry (at least 2 Battalions IIRC). Similarly, their No 1 Dress Forage Caps are styled in the same fashion as the Grenadier Guards Forage Caps, but with the addition of a single thin black band running through the centre of the scarlet band.

    Their Artillery role was purely ceremonial during the Cold War although they trained for the same kind of surveillance and patrol operations on behalf of Comd Arty Div, 1 (BR) Corps, as those carried out by 21 and 23 SAS (V) Regiments (ie: CPU).
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    The badge on the headstones is the 'short arms' crest, basically the top of the regimental coat of arms.

    This is worn on the berets of all HAC soldiers with the exception of the Corps of Drums who wear a Gren Guards style grenade with a Household Div TRF backing. The grenade is in silver instead of the Gren Guard's gold, it also has HAC on the ball of the grenade.

    This grenade badge is also worn on forage caps when in number 1 dress (artillery or infantry blues). SNCO's have the same badge but HAC is in gold lettering. Officers have a smaller embroidered badge.

    Now it gets even more confusing.

    HAC officers while carrying out gun salutes and artillery ceremonial duties in number 1 dress will wear a Royal Artillery cap badge but with the HAC motto instead of the RA one.

    Collar dogs are not worn on infantry blues, they are however worn on artillery blues in the form of a small metal grenade.

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  9. I agree, they seem to turn up at all of these burials now, I think it’s ok on some events (kids educational trips etc). But on funerals it should be left to the Army/Navy/RAF.
  10. I believe he was also HAC - they hold a number of uniforms for ceremonial etc from the past.