no incrmental pay rise in phase 2... why??

Could anyone please explain why I am not entitled to an incremental pay rise whilst im in phase 2 training.
Im a transferee and currently doing my nursing training at brum uni. This last for 3 years (yeah I know lucky me) and I wont be entitled to an incremental pay rise. This actually amounts to a couple of grand so its quite a wedge, can anyone explain why

thanks for the help
This is not just aimed at transferee's.

If I, for example, were to transfer to the Int Corps, I would forego my incremental progression and only be entitled to the annual pay increase in April. I would again be entitled to the increment once I had completed the required time aftre PHII i.e. 1 or two years.

Check to confirm when this point is for yourself. I think you'll find that after a period of time, sorry I can't help further, but I'm currently out of unit and don't have the references to hand, you will again become entitled.

Hope this helps.
Is this not something to do with the fact you are already being paid too much for the job you are now doing?

DirtyAndy, basically you are being paid at your OLD rate, which is higher than the NEW rate, that you would receive if you were in training and not a transferee. To that end, your pay is frozen, until your new rate of pay catches up.

You are not taking a pay cut, just a pay freeze. To carry on getting the increment would be rewarding you, unfairly, for your increase of experience.

I reckon you will still be on a higher wage than the others in your class are, so to be fair you'll be on quite a wedge more than your contempories.

Not too bad is it really. It could be argued that you should be paid the same as the new lads in your class.

As a Nurse wont you come out as a High band Cpl at the end of trainng? Your increments will probably start again from there.
Im already on a high band for starters so thats by the by

However what im getting at is the yearly increments are to do with experience in rank which is why you get your increment on the annirversary of your promotion, just because im going through phase 2 trg again doesnt mean im no longer a full screw and gaining experience in rank, surely if im expected to do full screw type duties which I am i should still get the incremental pay rise for experience in rank, and chocolate frog, surely it doesnt matter how much im getting paid compared to everyone else does it

The Army doesn't only pay you for your rank though, what about your trade knowledge? Yes, you're still a full screw, but you're no longer a useful R SIGNALS tradesman, which is what the Army are also paying you for.

Therefore, you simply mark time until your pay in your new trade simply catches up with your seniority. I'm suprised no-one in your C of C explained this to you when you transfered.
Andy, like said above. I am not gloating or anything, I retraded, and guess what? My pay marked time.

Yes, you are gaining experience at your rank, but not your trade. Like I say.

You ARE getting paid more than others on your course, you have NOT lost any money (although as you said you are not going to get a few grand because you are not progressing).

Your progression will advance when your new trade pay has caught up.

I know you are high band due to your old trade, as you have posted before about your trade. I would also guess you are already a Cpl, def a JNCO.

So you will continue on your increments when you are trained.

Could be worse, if you were going on to lower band your increments wouldn't be coming for a good while yet.

As Cheerfullsubbie says, your CoC should have told you this would happen. It isn't picking on you for your old or new trade. It happens to all retreads.

Incidentally (I don't know if it will affect you as a nurse) you wont get AIP from 3-2, 2-1 if you have already trod that path already.
Thanks for the input guys, it is appreciated and I do see where your comming from, however,as by right I must have one last gripe, im sure trade pay went out with pay 2000, i am just about old and bold enough to remember the old trade banding system, so thats not relevant in this case, im still clinging on to the fact the increments were designed around years held in rank and no matter where I am or what im doing i am still spending that amount of time in rank am I not

That's true, but the "trade" element of your pay is determined by the Job Evaluation (JE) score allocated to it under P2K, deciding if you were lower or higher band and at which ponts you move across.

Time served is not the only criteria for the award of an increment. Under P2K, elements such as seniority or a change in JE (as you are undergoing at the moment) affect the award of increments.

Hope this helps.

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