No improvement on press-ups, advice sought please

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by ChowYun, Oct 31, 2005.

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  1. I'd be very grateful if someone could give me some pointers on press-ups. Basically I have my Sandhurst physical test coming up soon, and I'm happy with my strength exercise progress, sit-ups, running, hill walking etc etc.. but my press-ups remain shocking, I could plausibly do more using only my striated penile muscles.

    Thus far I've tried the old 'belt out as many as you can every hour or so every day'; I've tried a more rigid "circuits type" regime every other day (basically consisting of doing 45 press-ups 7 times over the course of the day) - tried this for a month, yet my max in a row = ..25.. (a whopping improvement of 3). I've just started using a technique I saw on this forum (3 sets to failure every other day, 3 second down, 2 second up press-ups); done that for a week, I know I can't expect miracles but my peak is still 25-26, I'll stick with it for another week and hope to see improvement.

    The psychology of the situation probably isn't helping in that I EXPECT to do around 25, but really the only thing that's got easier after all this training is the first 20, I tire very quickly to failure after that.

    Can anyone suggest anything I might be doing wrong to see so little progress. Maybe considering how bad I am, I've actually been overtraining in the past?... I have no clue on the matter. Other training techniques that have worked for people in the past with similar inability levels would also be very welcome.

    I don't normally like to seek advice until I've given something a lot of effort on my own watch, but this is beginning to concern me. I could do 44 in 2 minutes resting on my knees every 15-20 like an utter clown, but that's just aspiring to the minimum, and not good enough.

    I'm grateful for your time.
  2. Rod924

    Rod924 LE Reviewer

    Apart from being rather week and generally being a 'girls blouse', you have answered your own question here! The best you can push out is 25 <FFS shakes head>, but yet you try to do 45, seven times a day!

    Easy warrior! Start tomorrow on 10 reps of sit-ups, push-ups, star-jumps etc then repeat x 2. You are now not killing your muscles, but strengthening them

    Next week up it 15, week after 20 and so on - depending on when you have your test
  3. Carry on masturbating heavily as you are but alternate hands,that should do the trick,also stop cheating by letting gym chums do it for you because at the end of the day 'yer just cheatin yer sen'
    Helpfully yours!
  4. Dips help too. Build up triceps with controlled reps of ten at a time (may take a while to get to ten in one go), but after a wee while you'll be whipping press-ups out like a porn star (obviously not Ron Jeremy though)
  5. Try skipping.
  6. Okay, thanks a lot for the suggestions (and the wit).

    I'll reduce the amount of training in the old press-up style and incorporate some other tricep/pectoral exercises.

    I was slightly confused by the "spend 6-8 minutes doing upper body exercises" on the army fitness suggestion pages, considering I was spending practically hours in the day on upper body exercises and getting nowhere fast with press-ups. Resistance training never really "feels" like enough to me. The satisfaction from doing circuits or sets only lasts a short while and I feel I should be doing more, when maybe it's best to rest the muscle groups for the day instead.
  7. are you sure its not in your mind.
    I mean i had that problem when i started i couldent run further than a mile without collapsing in a sweaty heap nomatter how much i trained then i went for a run with a few mates and without realising it i had coverd 5 miles.
    Dont know if that helps.
  8. Thanks stet, there could be some psychological barrier, but I don't think so in this case really. I could believe it any day for running (there being so many variables involved, starting pace, breathing rhythm etc etc), but push ups are ultimately a case of muscle stamina. I don't think it helps that from back in the days when I used to bench the max weight I could, I became quite top heavy and gained a lot of power, but I didn't usually lift for tone or stamina and seem to have come unstuck in that respect.

    I feel like a real joker doing 3*10 a day, but if it works...
  9. ChowYun, you're definitely doing the right things. What you need now is to check the line of your body in a mirror while you're doing the press-ups. If your arrse is too high, some of the strain will be put on the front deltoid muscles (shoulder muscles), which tire very easily.
    The main muscle groups here are the triceps (at the rear of the arm) and the pectoral (chest) muscles. You can spread the strain on these two muscle groups with the position of your hands on the floor. With hands pointed straight forward and elbows tucked in, the arm muscles do most of the work. With hands pointed inwards, a lot more work is taken over by the chest muscles. Experiment with various hand positions until you find the optimal placing that will allow you to spread the strain more evenly. That should help you to increase the number of repetitions
    Good luck! :D :D :D

  10. First of all, TRY to improve every session even if its only by one. if you have to start within your limits, eg 20, and add one per day then do so.

    I suggest dips, chins, and overhand pullups to mix up upper body strength...there is more to life than bpfa style pushups!

    try and get a weights belt and start adding weight on dips...start low 5kg and fewer reps than normal. build strength as well as muscular endurance. also keep form good in practice then when you have to pump them out fast you can afford to let form slip a bit.

    this looks like a real weak area for you.

    so perhaps start of with 20 pressups before breakfast. another quick 20 at morning teabreak. again before lunch. mid afternoon tea break. before evening meal. and yet again just before bed.

    thats 120 pressups in a day. i doubt you would have any difficulty. add 5 at each session after a while you will be cranking out 80 pressups nonstop.

    gradual progression is the real key.
  11. alternatinely just stop being weak and do the 1000 press up challenge!!

    3 times a week!!
  12. Cracking idea and when you've mastered that try it with a rope.
    Failing that give up you weedy git.
  13. Dude, get out of your comfort zone! You're probably mistaking a mild discomfort for muscle-fatigue. Oh my muscles hurt therefore I can't do anymore...

    25 is pretty lame - either lose weight or crank out at least another 10 on each set!
  14. I'm grateful for the encouragement but I did mention I have been benching for some time.. I know what muscle fatigue feels like, especially when lift to failure with a terrible spotter nigh on dislocates your shoulder.

    Deerhunter is correct in that this stands out majorly amongst my regime as something I admittedly suck at.

    I'm following the various helpful advice as well as doing different "kinds" of tricep exercises. Clearly those years of kickbacks didn't help.

    You're right though, it is pretty weak when you can do more one armed chins than press-ups..........
  15. Try doing pyramid press ups:
    do one then rest on your knees, 2, rest on your knees etc etc up to 10, then count back down to one, using this method you will do 100 press ups in a session, I did this everyday for a month and went from doing an average of 46 in 2 minutes to 60.