No idea where the sports wossname went...

Maybe I'm just blind, anyhoo, lately when I've been playing footie out in the street, (TBH just tapping and striking off the wall) I've had this pain in my shin, on the inner side, i can't really tell if its on the muscle or bone, but its about halfway down, and lasts a while after exertion, like right now its throbbing like a ****, (i am allowed to say that here right?)

If anyone has any idea what it might be or where this post should go lemme know?
Mods feel free to move.
Everyone else feel free to call me a ****/shithead, (see above) etc.

Go to the quacks, it sounds like Anterior Shin Splint. But hey, what do I know, even though I am an amateur gynacologist (part-time)

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