No ID card darling?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Dec 12, 2009.

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  1. Common sense at last, get rid of it fast.
  2. Simple. Scrap Overseas Aid and stop pissing cash away on crap initiatives. I am now a Financial Consultant and I claim my £200,000 salary... plus bonuses.
  3. You can guarantee that the cuts won't come from MP's salaries or expenses.
  4. A U turn on ID cards yesterday,a U turn on the checking of people having contact with kid's today.What's next on the U turn agenda?
  5. F****d if I know we have done so many turns now i'm quit dizzy
  6. Stopped for the wrong reasons, but at least it's stopped. And just how much had we spent on this nonsense so far?
  7. Sometimes a U Turn can be right; especially if the original idea was flawed. Expect more approaching an election (rats-sinking ship).
  8. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    I want one of those personally, would save having to worry about leaving my passport at home. And just say - theoretically - a Copper (when he/she wasn't ticking boxes and handing out customer satisfaction surveys) stopped some random scrote in the street and asked him to produce an I.D. card (assuming they were made compulsory - highly unlikely of course) to verify he was not an illegal immigrant, and said scrote was unable to do so. Apart from all the Immigration holding facilities/Police cells being full 1 day after that came into effect, it might actually mean some of these dodgy fcukers were accounted for, rather than roaming the streets unchecked and fancy free. Oh, but then who would be working illegally in 'undesirable' employment (that is beneath the dole scrounging fat biffas and wasters) and paying that desperately needed income tax?

    On second thought, its just a law abiding citizen tax, so I'm glad its binnned. Nobody that would actually be identified/targeted through this would ever be brought to book.
  9. Aid to India could be axed.... if they afford two carriers, nuclear power and a space agency, then they can afford to pay for their own poor.

    They wanted independance, they got it.
  10. A Referendum?? or maybe the Election.
  11. But... darling... I want an Id Card.... I demand me Uming Rites to 'ave one..... :)
  12. I agree. Besides, who wants the right to walk down the street without 'papers' anyway!
  13. But I didn't think there were any chav's in Guzz?

    I was born in the summer of '63. Sorry if that makes you feel old.
  14. If these feckers get in again, the ID scheme will make a miraculous re-appearance... under a new name... administered by a new Quango... at even more expense than the original. You watch.