No ICT jobs in the Army??

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by chainsaw321, Jul 31, 2008.

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  1. Hi, Im interested in computers and have some years of experience with software and also building them. Im looking for a trade in the army that my skills can take advantage of. The closest ive found is IS Engineer, which has recently amalgamated with Sys Eng Tech (forming Comms Sys Eng).

    Ive heard that the trade is now more Techy based now rather than IT. Is this right?.. if so what other trades are avalible in this field?.

    *I know theres a trade in the RAF (ICT Specialist)* 8O
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    Cow LE

    There are lots of people who'll be able to advise you here, some good some bad, but the R Signals side of things mostly provide the network infrastructure for voice and data to work over. We can and do also provide the end user equipment, looking after its build and software to some extent but alot of the stuff we use is becoming COTS or return to manufacture to be fixed.

    The 'IT' role within the R Signals has changed alot in the last few years and will be changing still for a few more. Yes they're mixed in now with the old tech trades, but this will just broaden your skill range and increase your employability. Do people agree with it, I doubt it but this is the way our Corp is going, one (ok, a few) trade(s) for many jobs.

    Other units have IT roles where they look after their own systems. These then intergrate with the R Signals equipment as we're their network providers, generaly you have to be employed in the unit and then specialise.

    RAF and Navy have IT roles, but then they're all gay. Having said that a number of IT roles are now Tri-service so the chances are you'll be serving with them anyway.
  3. Havent some of them moved to the civvie side??
  4. Comms Sys Eng is the amalgamation of IS Engr and Systems Engineering Technician and will take on both roles. You admit that you are initially interested in computers/software however in my experience a thirst for knowledge is developed over time and you are likely to become more interested in how our information is distributed and want to move outside LAN technologies. Comms Sys Eng will give you the basis for a career in both IT and systems engineering and you will naturally find your calling from within the disciplines, the trade will also offer you the opportunity to progress to Foreman Of Signals.

    Have met a few Navy IT chaps and if the_matelot is reading this maybe he could give some advice. As for RAF, their fairly new Trade Group 4 is their attempt at amalgamating the technical and old operator trade (Trade Group 11). An RAF full screw who i worked with disapeared on several months of conversion training thinking he'd come out as the new Bill Gates only to be posted into a COMMCEN once he'd finished which i thought was rather a waste. There are good career opportunities in the RAF in the engineering field but just like the Army some of them are gash. Apart from that, their Mess kit makes them look like bell boys.
  5. Be a man and join the Royal Corps. We have all sorts of good stuff. But I wouldn´t think too much about building computers, we don´t do that much.

    Downside to the Corps?
    We do have a "special" breed called Regimental Duties, they like to starch and polish things. So the downside to the Corps is that we have to maintain our levels of technical excellence in the face of trade biffs who actuallybelieve teh world will stop turning if your boots aren´t bulled and your (Combat) uniform isn´t ironed and starched. They also have a tendency of thinking they are Infantry. Basically they are like Luddites, they wreck the technical side of the Corps.

    That aside we have a good bunch in the Royal Corps, and if your pre-existing skills are good enough, you will fly up the ranks.
  6. Frog your asking for an AGAI, and plug your iron in next time, while were at it.. get a hair cut, now make like a swastika and get out of my sight...

    Nothing wrong with that in todays Army.
  7. Comm Sys Engr is probably the closest you'll get, but the Royal Signals is a very diverse Corps and it's very difficult to predict what a representative selection of tasks might be in, say, 5 years. Check out the CS Engr job brief -

    Since ICT underpins so much these days in the civvie world and it doesn't look like stopping any time soon, if anything I think we'll all end up doing more IT in all of our trades. I wouldn't be surprised if Comm Sys Operators also started to make further inroads into IT - after all they're not just "voice" operators.

    What particular ICT aspects are you interested in? If you want to do something like programming then Royal Signals probably isn't for you, but if you want to engineer complex networked ICT-based systems using a bunch of communications techniques then come on over. After all, if you join up then you need to be be happy with your choice in the longer term.
  8. IMO look at your trade skills first and choose a path you would like to throw yourself into.
    Look into going to a R.Signals roadshow and then you can properly look at the trades within the Corps at first hand. (Be weary though, the majority of guys on these stands will give you one sided info
  9. Reference being more Techy based, I was under the impression it was the other way about, is this not the case?
  10. You called my lord? :D

    With regards to the RAF Trade Group 4, I think it is a prime example on how to cock it up-there are some very very switched on guys in that trade who after spending several years doing interesting stuff then get stuffed into a Commcen (I've seen it happen more than once as well). I love Crab-bashing, I really do but the RAF should really change their approach to how they employ the TG4 guys.

    From a matelot perspective, you've got the CIS branch (Comms & Information Systems) who do a 18 week phase 2 course followed by a up to 6 week TEM and then are employed onboard in the Comms Office-they do very very little in terms of what you pongos would recognise as working with IT systems-these guys are effectively commcen operators at sea. There are times when they're responsible for sys admin roles onboard but ET(WE)'s (weapon system guys) seem to do a fair bit of it as well. They do seem to get the best selection of eye candy however so that may be worth bearing in mind...

    You've then got Communications Technicians. There are only about 270 of us in the RN and our trade is roughly equivalent to EW Ops (what was Spec Ops) or Int Op Analysts (RAF). 9 weeks phase 1, 18 weeks phase 2, 4 months Sea consolidation, 5 weeks at Blandford, and about 26/27 weeks at Chicksands (it was 1 1/2 yrs at Chicksands when I retraded to CT) followed by further courses depending on what unit you're drafted to.

    CT's are responsible for the 'interception and analysis of communications sytems from around the world'. Obviously, I'm not going to go into further details of what that involves on an open forum but I've had some very very enjoyable drafts (sorry, sorry, JPA Speak-postings) that satisfied the uber-geek inside me (boney_m & Ghostrider know what I'm on about).

    I would say it as I'm biased but the job of CT is a good one-you can be a uber geek working on some fairly advanced systems, you can do languages (seek out Baggy on here-he'll be the one learning obscure languages for amusement ;) ) and you can do other stuff as well (I'm being deliberately vague as I don't want to get into trouble).